Friday, July 10, 2009

24,700 person choir

July 4th we got up early and took a bus once again to Tallinn for the Estonian Song Festival. What an experience!! Over all it was a awesome things to be a part of - the excitement, the parade, the thrill of hearing a 24,700 person choir, the enthusiasm, the flags, the cheering, etc. That was the fun stuff. On the other hand there was the crowd (100,000 people), fighting to get on a bus, walking over 5 miles, the late night, the RAIN - yes, it rained and rained shortly after the festival started. We did enjoy going and making memories. It was a long day and evening for the kids. If we ever did it again, Ron and I would go by ourselves. It is a LITTLE stressful keeping track of 4 kids in a crowd that size. If you are interested in hearing any of the singing from this concert, just look it up on the internet. I would imagine you would find something.

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