Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Fun Day

Today was a fun and profitable day. We rented a car and headed in to Tallinn for the day. There were some things we needed to look for in a bigger city since we hadn't found it in Rakvere. As Ron looked in to renting a car, he found out it was a little cheaper to rent a car than to pay for the bus for all of us both ways. An added benefit would be that we could get around once in the city without needing to figure out the bus routes. Believe it or not, we didn't get lost at all today! I've been so excited about all we got done and the good deals we found. Of course, we didn't get everything we needed, but at least it wasn't a wasted trip. One of our stops was to a store that we don't have in Rakvere where we bought some pots and pans for me to use in the kitchen. It's getting funner all the time to be in the kitchen - now that I have stuff to work with. Then we had to stop at a missionaries house (The Smith's) to return some keys. They were headed out to Old Town Tallinn for a day of fun and ended up taking Daniel, Andrew, and Sarah with them. That was a treat for the kids....and for us! The kids hate shopping around like we were planning to do for the afternoon. Then we went to a second hand store where I found several things we needed. When I paid I found out everything in the store was on sale for $1.50 today. What a blessing!!! The next store we went to was having Krazy Daz - lots of stuff on sale. So we picked out a few things that we gave to the kids (see pictures). We were thrilled to find such good deals - the sleeping bags were a little over $2 and the tents were about $3. We got Daniel a birthday present. He is going crazy knowing he has a present already and has to wait another month before he gets it. This is going to be fun! At this point in our day we have had so many blessing and are glad we made the trip in, but it's not over yet. Another friend (a military family) had said she had some stuff for me to look through that she wanted to give away. So, we stopped by Pam's house on our way home. Wow, what a blessing. She had some kitchen stuff that I can sure use. Plus, she had some sheets (remember, all we have had since getting here is a couple of blankets) and towels she didn't need anymore. God always takes care of us! We picked up the kids and headed home. Tomorrow I'll have fun putting away all my new kitchen stuff. I'm trying to get all the stuff in the house organized for the arrival of our container.

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  1. Hi Rachel, I didn't know you have a blog! You're welcome to come and visit mine as well :o)

    I'm so glad you were able to have such a productive day. God surely is full of blessings!!


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