Sunday, August 30, 2009


Seven years ago I was blessed with a little girl. It's been so fun raising her - dolls, frilly dresses, a kitchen helper, a shopping partner, etc. What a joy she has been. Now I look forward to this year and many more and all the fun things we will do together. I love my princess!

The Princess Party

The Castle Cake

Birthday girl - 7 years old

Happy Birthday to you...
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Hannah's new car seat...just what I wanted.

Hannah joined us for dinner in her new high chair.

Birthday dinner - YUMMY!

Bouncy Ball - a favorite toy at our house.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Answered Prayer

Ron and I have received our permanent residency. What an answer to prayer! The kids still need one more document that we are waiting for from the states. So, please keep praying.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A quick note...

We have made a lot more progress in the house. Everything is getting close to being done. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more pictures of how things look soon.
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We received two letters in the mail today - one to Ron and one to me. They are in Estonian, so we can't read them. When Ron looked it over however, he noticed two dates. One was August 13, 2009 and the other August 13, 2011. 2 years! This could be our approval for our residency. Ron will try to contact someone and find out for sure. Keep praying and I'll let you know...


The day started with a monkey pile on Daniel to wake him up. Once he was awake we sang and gave birthday spankings. What a great way to wake up! We had a fun afternoon celebrating. The day was simple - but fun. We had a BBQ followed by birthday cake, ice cream, and presents. Daniel received a couple phone calls from family which was extra special. We are thankful for Daniel and the joy he brings to our lives. The Lord has given us 10 precious years with our son and we look forward to many more.

Birthday boy!!!


Daniel picked this and was impressed. I didn't have much available to work with. I'm thankful that he was pleased.


Everyone going on a bike ride with dad.....

When mommy gets a bike, I'll go too:)

Caleb Singing

Caleb is singing along with a Patch the Pirate CD we were listening to in the car. "Nothing But The Blood of Jesus". I love to hear kids sing songs that are pleasing to the Lord. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Kitchen

The cabinet on the left was left in the kitchen by the landlord.
I bought the curtains at a thrift store.
The chairs make the table a little crowded, so we are looking for some stools.

We bought the white cabinet to replace one that was broken in the container.

I need to make a curtain to cover the trash area.

Trash or Treasure???

Typical little guy - we have couches, chairs, and bean bags he could be sitting on, but he wants to sit in the box. After I took this picture, Sarah got in a box too. They sat for a long time reading books in their personal boxes. This morning the kids were reading again - Caleb headed to my stack of boxes and asked for one so he could read. He found a treasure in my pile of trash.


Our container arrived in the Tallinn port on Sunday, July 19. We did not find out about it until I found an email in our junk folder later in the week. Ron immediately called them and began the paper work to get it through customs. The man working with Ron was very helpful. Things went quickly and our container was delivered to our house on July 27th. What an exciting day for us! It was time to begin unloading the truck, but our help hadn't arrived yet. That meant that the kids, myself, and the two neighbour boys were Ron's crew. A short time later several other guys came to help. It didn't take long to empty the container and the driver was on his way. We were a little disappointed because some of the furniture we had sent was broken. None of it was brand new, but it was a bummer to have about 5 things that we are unable to use. This week has been devoted to "moving in". We have made lots of progress and our house is feeling more like home every day.

20 foot container delivered to our house

Caleb makes a great supervisor

Sarah helping carry things in the house

Andrew and some others helping

Daniel helping dad build the beds


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