Saturday, August 1, 2009


Our container arrived in the Tallinn port on Sunday, July 19. We did not find out about it until I found an email in our junk folder later in the week. Ron immediately called them and began the paper work to get it through customs. The man working with Ron was very helpful. Things went quickly and our container was delivered to our house on July 27th. What an exciting day for us! It was time to begin unloading the truck, but our help hadn't arrived yet. That meant that the kids, myself, and the two neighbour boys were Ron's crew. A short time later several other guys came to help. It didn't take long to empty the container and the driver was on his way. We were a little disappointed because some of the furniture we had sent was broken. None of it was brand new, but it was a bummer to have about 5 things that we are unable to use. This week has been devoted to "moving in". We have made lots of progress and our house is feeling more like home every day.

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