Thursday, September 3, 2009

saw this in Tallinn and thought it was cute

School year 2009-10
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  1. Hi Rachel! I've been "blog-hopping" lately, trying to learn some things from others. There's still so much I don't know how to do... Anyway, after my "journeys," I decided to change my background... funny thing is, first one I picked out was the same as yours. Then I thought, "Wait a minute, that looks familiar..." Then I realized it was the same as yours, so I thought I should change it. So, you have great taste, Sister!!!

    One of the things I felt I should change, is to be more personal on my blog... not just church reporting. So, I am working on that. Also, I noticed that those who get the most traffic and comments are those that write several times a week... so I am working on that too. Takes a little more time, but it gives me something to think about during the day and look forward to doing once the kids are in bed at night. So, my blog is becoming the journal I always wanted to start...

    Thanks for your sweet comments. Looking forward to your updates... Love ya, Friend!!!


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