Sunday, October 4, 2009


Please pray for us as we look for a new place to live. Our landlord has the house (that we are renting) up for sale. We have looked at several different apartments and will be looking at another place tomorrow. Our prayer is to make a decision by the end of the week. We need to be out of the house by the 25th of October.

Answered Prayer!

After a lot of hassle, all the kids' documents finally arrived from the states. They have now been turned in to the immigration office and are being processed. What a blessing to have this step done. Soon we will ALL have our temporary residence which will allow us to stay here for two years - without leaving.

Special People...My Parents

Today my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Parents are special people....especially my parents. I am so thankful for my Godly heritage. My parents are a treasure from the Lord. What an excellent testimony of what a marriage should be. I couldn't ask for a better example of a Christian wife and mother than what I have seen in my own mom. Lord willing they will have many more wonderful years together.

My parents - October 2008


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