Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Fun

With all the snow we have had this year, the kids have spent lots of time out playing in it. Enjoy...


I'm going to get you, dad.

Daniel was running from daddy and the snowball he just threw....I can't remember if that one hit him or not (it probably did)

The kids LOVE the snow!

Those little red discs can really go fast!
Sarah's first time ice skating....she LOVED it!
Weeeee....this is fun!

Daniel made a beautiful snow angel - then he got up....no more snow angel :(

Andrew's first time ice skating - he did awesome!
Caleb gave ice skating a try to, but it didn't go well. His little ankles just couldn't handle it. He had much more fun sitting inside with mommy and daddy drinking hot chocolate and watching the other kids.
Now, go drink a cup of hot chocolate and warm up a bit.


  1. We are going ice skating in Feb. Kelsey is beyond excited ...hope she does a good as your kids :)

  2. Great pictures, Rachel! I'm not too crazy about cold weather, so I would be the one IN the house, taking pictures through the window and gladly volunteering to make the hot chocolate! :)

  3. Every time my kids hear that it is snowing somewhere or see pictures like this, they ask, "Daddy, do you think we'll ever get to play in some snow?"


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