Monday, January 4, 2010

Tis the Season for Baking

Don't you just love the way the house smells when you are baking??? I love it! We had so much fun baking pumpkin bread, banana spice bread, sugar cookies, snowball cookies, and chocolate peppermint cookies. Everything turned out delicious! Although we enjoyed eating (and sharing) our goodies, our memories are of spending time together in the kitchen baking them.

Daniel cutting out sugar cookies

The smell of these brought Caleb to the oven hoping they would hurry up.

Sarah is the BEST helper in the kitchen!


Decorated by...Mommy, Daniel, Andrew, Sarah, and Caleb

Since we can't get canned pumpkin here, we bought a whole pumpkin. I cut it up, cooked it, then peeled it. I was able to make pumpkin bread, a pumpkin pie, and I still have some in the freezer for next time we want to make something with pumpkin.

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  1. I've baked pumpkin that way several times. :) It's too bad you can't get canned pumpkin there in Estonia... I was wondering if maybe you had access to a few more things there than you used to have, simply because Estonia seems to be a little more modern. We buy our furniture from an Estonian company because they make better furniture than what we can get here... it is made from REAL wood and perfect for rearing children! :)


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