Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make Me A Blessing Part 2

My trip to the states was to be a blessing, mainly helping with my grandma, but, I wanted to be a blessing in any way possible. There were many opportunities for me to watch my nieces and nephews while their mommies were involved in church related activities. We had lots of fun together and made many memories. However, having a house full of kids and watching my grandma proved to be a big task at times. When you have this many cute kids in a house, you are sure to get lots of great pictures. Sure wish I could post all the pictures, but I won't do that to you. Here are some of my favorites that captured our activities.

the group my mom and I watched ALL day during a Youth Rally (plus grandma - not pictured)

making jewlery

playing memory

playing "little people" and firetrucks

making lunch with lots of helpers

reading books

game time with grandma

QUIET time.....nice!!!

sorry this is on here twice...can't get it to delete

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