Monday, March 15, 2010

Make Me A Blessing

The month of February was filled with a lot of different emotions for me personally and also our entire family. You see, my grandma has Parkinson's Disease and lives with my parents since she needs 24 hour care. However, providing 24 hour care and juggling church ministries and responsibilities has proven to be difficult (as I'm sure you can imagine). To make a long story short, the Lord spoke to my heart about what I could do to help. I shared with Ron my desire to return to the states to help care for grandma (which would also help my parents). Ron was very supportive and I love him for it. That night we called my parents and made the offer for me to come help. Needless to say, they accepted my offer gratefully. Preparations began immediately! Tickets were purchased, bags packes and about a week later Sarah, Caleb, and I were on our way to California.
Here is where all the emotions come in to play. Of course, I was excited to be going to the states, visit family, stock up on some things, etc. BUT I would be leaving behind the love of my life and my two wonderful sons. Wow, I would miss them like crazy. It's times like these that I'm so thankful for modern technology like email and Skype.
Well, my reason for leaving half my family on the other side of the world was to be a blessing by helping care for my grandma. So that is what I did (most of the time) during my trip to the states.

at the airport in Tallinn, Estonia

Caleb and his "grape" (as he called her) grandma got along wonderfully. Many times he would play right beside her...or on top of her. She enjoyed watching and listening to him play.

I think Caleb got his sweet tooth from "grape" grandma. Here they are eating sweet rolls.

Visiting with "grape" grandma. She has a baby monitor in her room so that when she's in her room she can let us know if she needs something. Many times when she would ask for someone, Caleb would go running back to her saying "me coming". For a three year old, he was a pretty good helper.

What special memories were made during our visit. Grandma told me many times, "he loves me and I love him".

I did have the opportunity to do some other things while we were in the states. I'll be sharing those stories in my next post.


  1. Nice account of the trip. I especially like the pictures.

  2. Lovely post. =) Loved the pics as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the pics :) Love your new "look" :)

  4. "Grape" grandma... what a classic! So glad you are able to record these sweet moments and share them with the rest of the world.

  5. Enjoyed reading about your time with Grandma. The pictures are terrific, especially the last one of her and Caleb! Glad you were able to go and be a blessing.


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