Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Returning to Estonia

With just a couple of days left in the states, I was dealing with many mixed emotions. It is always difficult to say good bye to family, BUT at the same time I was so excited to be reunited with my boys and hubby. My in-laws drove up from Lancaster on March 2 to pick up the kids and I (and our luggage). So, we said our good-byes to aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandma, grandpa, and great-grandma. Then we found a little room that was left for us between all the luggage and headed back down to Lancaster. (We probably looked like a modern version of the Beaverly Hill Billies.)
March 3 we left the house by 4:30a.m. to have plenty of time at the airport. We were in line for quite some time and almost to the front, when there was a commotion at the counter. Since I wasn't paying much attention, I'm not exactly sure what happened. Whatever it was it caused the employee at the ticket counter to call the police. Finally, it was my turn. Then I had to go through a long security line, but my flight was due to leave in 30 minutes. Thankfully they moved me to the front of the line and we made our flight (to Chicago).

Chicago is a BIG airport! The frustrating part about that airport is that I had to go out of the airport, ride an airport train to get to the international flights, and go back through security...UGGG! We had time to do all that and the kids even got to play for a few minutes before we left for Sweden.

I don't think the play area was meant for kids like Sarah.

At least they had a chance to get some wiggles out!

Our flight to Sweden could have been better....but then, it could have been worse too. Lots of kids were on this flight. One baby cried, actually SCREAMED, for a large portion of the trip (you know, that part when the lights in the cabin are all off and everyone is trying to sleep). Then, something triggered one of my migraine head aches :((( I looked all through my bag for my Tylenol and could not find it. The family behind us was very friendly AND they had Ibiprophen!! By the time we landed I was starting to feel better. When we got in the airport in Sweden and I looked on the board to see what gate we needed to go to, I noticed our next flight was cancelled. BUMMER!!! All we needed was one more flight - less than an hour. We were so close, but now it seemed so far away. After searching for awhile, I found the information center. The lady was so kind and helpful to me. She put us on the next flight (3 hours later than the original one) and also let me use the phone to call Ron and let him know we would not be there at the scheduled time. We were all tired and hungry and I didn't feel like spending another minute, much less 3 more hours in the airport. I'm sure my attitude made God think He was dealing with the Children of Israel once again. Thankfully God does not always give us what we deserve, but shows us His love for us and provides our every need. That is what He did for us in the next moment after I hung up with Ron. The lady at the counter printed out our tickets and handed them to me. She also handed me three other pieces of paper, but I didn't know what they were. When I asked her she said, "those are vouchers to go get something to eat while you wait". Isn't God good? So, we had soda, pizza, hot dogs, an apple, and some candy - and I didn't spend a penny! Then we walked to our gate and relaxed until our flight left.
Before we knew it, we were on our last flight and almost HOME!
Oh, I forgot to mention that while flying from Chicago to Sweden I was told that some of our luggage was left in Chicago. Well, that all worked out for good too. Our van was full with our family of six and the luggage that made it. Since two bags were delayed, the airline had them delivered to us the next day.
This was a long trip, but when we arrived in Tallinn none of that seemed to matter that much because WE WERE HOME!!!

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  1. Great story! Just goes to show that God is never out of control, never out of touch, never out of gracious, and tender mercies, never out of power, and never out of little surprises!


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