Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Fun Fridays

First off, I'd like to warn you that there are lots of pictures on this post. So, sit down with a cup of something cool to drink (or coffee for those of you who live on that stuff) and enjoy your visit to our FAMILY FUN FRIDAYS....
Several weeks ago we had an evening of playing games, pizza, and brownies. Before the kids went to bed they each had their own mystery they had to solve. They were each given a clue which would lead them to the next clue, and so on. Princess Sarah's job was to search the castle for the Queen. She did a royal job!

trying to figure out the clue

Cowboy Andrew needed to track some horse thieves. He rounded them varmits up right quick too. YEEHAW!!!

what does this clue mean???

Daniel's mission was to recover a stolen piece of army equipment. He should have been awarded a medal for doing an outstanding job and completing his mission.

see the clue (white piece of paper) taped to the side of the box?

three brains are better than one...where is that last clue?

What a fun night we had!!!

With the weather turning nicer we are enjoying some evening outside. Before we know it the weather will be cold again. So, a couple of weeks ago we spent our family night OUTSIDE! The kids had a great time riding bikes, rollerblading, climbing trees, playing frisbee, blowing bubbles, and soaking in some sunshine. The barbeque was delicious too! Enjoy the pictures...

preparing for a race

go, Caleb!

look at Daniel go

taking Caleb to see a cat they found

Caleb is looking at the bubble that is on top of the bottle.

Another favorite FAMILY FUN FRIDAY was when we went down to the water (about a five minute drive from our apartment). The weather was beautiful and so the water was calling the kids' names. After awhile we said they could walk in the water - before we knew it, they were soaked from head to toe. I do not know what the temperature of the water was, but it had to have been cold. The kids didn't mind though. They had lots of fun.
King of the rock!

After they got out of the water they were very cold. Since we were not planning on them getting all wet, I did not have any towels with us. So, they sat on the warm rocks and then put more rocks on top of them. Even through their chattering teeth they said "it was worth it".

While the kids were drying off some people walked by that were dressed in typical "beach attire". We told the kids not to look and this is what they did :)

It's great to spend time as a family - enjoying one another. I love my family!!!


  1. Lovely to be so close to the gulf. Very pretty! The family photo reminds me of the Andrezjewski (or however you spell their name!)one on portugalbound.blogspot.com.

  2. Looks like so much fun, and, boy, aren't y'all full of great ideas!

    I was most impressed with the roads and parking lot... NO potholes! :)

    The last picture is just TERRIFIC... truly a keeper!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pics :) I love looking at them. We must think a lot alike because that could have been a day at our house (just the Pacific Ocean instead :)we love to have treasure hunts with the kids! Glad you are finally warming up enjoy your summer! We will be praying for you guys!

  4. Glad it's finally warmed up there! Good to see everyone is doing well. Can't wait to get back! Thanks for all the pictures-they were great!

  5. Looks like fun to me! I can't get over how clean everything is there. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  6. You are so creative! The kids will definitely remember Fridays! Love the photo of them "covering" their eyes. Too cute!


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