Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lithuania - Day 1

Monday morning, June 14, we got in the van and started our 600 kilometer (about 400 miles) trip. We borrowed a GPS and bought an Atlas to help us on our way. Leaving Toila, Estonia, we drove several hours before reaching the Latvia border (sorry the pictures are out of order). About 3 hours later we had reached the Lithuania border. It was just like driving from state to state in the U.S. We did not need to show any documents or even stop the car - we just drove on into the next country.

I had stocked up on plenty of snacks and water for in the car. The kids brought books to read, games to play, and the good ole trusty portable dvd player we used while traveling in the states.
All the kids did very well on the trip. Caleb was very anxious to be out of the van before the trip was done, but he made it...just had to pull a few more tricks out of my hat to keep him entertained.
We arrived at our destination of Kaunas, Lithuania, with just enough time to check into our hotel room before dinner. The hotel rooms are VERY small - a bed, bathroom, and enough room to walk around the bed. We reserved a room with a kids' room attached. Notice two beds and four kids. The people at the front desk wanted to know if we wanted ANOTHER room, to which we replied NO. We requested a couple more blankets and everyone had a comfortable place to sleep.
After getting our things to our room, we headed back down to the lobby to meet up with everyone for dinner. A group with Couriers for Christ were in Lithuania for a evangelism outreach. We also had the privilege of meeting a couple missionary families that serve in Lithuania. What a joy to see the Bro. and Mrs. Stertz after SO many years.

Waiting for dinner to be served...

The restaurant where we ate the first evening.

How exciting....a park right next to the restaurant. The kids were able to play and get some energy out after a long day in the van.

We had a great day!


  1. Sounds like a pretty fun trip! It's pretty weird that you can just drive right through without stopping at borders. Looking forward to seeing pictures from day two, three, four, and five.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures. Do you know if these countries are part of the European Union? That would explain why you could just drive from one to another with no hassle. When the senior class from Tampa went to Europe, they said that the tour guide would say as they went from France to Germany, "Welcome to the state of Germany."
    Anyway, glad you guys had a profitable trip.

  3. Loved seeing all the pics.
    The pic of Caleb in the car made me wonder, what are the car seat laws in Europe?
    That is funny that you can just drive from country to country but how nice that could have taken a lot of time. Loved the kids room with toys and bunks how nice!
    Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Loved seeing all the pics! The pic of Caleb in the car made me wonder....what are the car seat laws in Europe? Do they change from country to country?
    Glad you didn't have to stop at all of the borders that could have taken a lot of time!
    Looking forward to seeing more pics! Praying for you guys!

  5. ok so I may have commented twice but my computer is acting up so I thought the first one didn't post so if there are two thats why :)

  6. posted THREE times, not twice. :)


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