Friday, June 25, 2010

The Long Day

Wednesday, June 23, was a holiday here so people could celebrate the longest day of the year. Since we were blessed with beautiful weather, we decided to BBQ. Marita was planning to come over to eat with us. Marita drives in each Sunday with us to Tallinn and is also one of Ron's English students. Later in the day we made contact with some friends of ours that are missionaries in Narva (the border city of Russia and Estonia). The Sampsons speak Russian and work with the Russians living in Narva - which is almost the entire population. Anyway, we invited them and they were able to join us for dinner. Marita called again and asked if she could bring her friend, Olga. Olga is another of Ron's English students. She also came to our service on Resurrection Sunday. Of course, we were happy for her to join us as well. Once everyone arrived the men went outside to start the coals, the ladies worked in the kitchen, and all the kids played outside (taking advantage of the good weather). Dinner was DELICIOUS!!! We introduced Marita and Olga to an old fashioned American hamburger. Then we also had hot dogs since they sort of go with hamburgers. Marita also prepared some salmon that Ron put on the grill. With all the trimmings, we had quite a feast and lots of good fellowship. After dinner everyone headed out for a walk - well, the kids were riding bikes and King Caleb was being pushed in his chariot - opps, I mean stroller :). Off we all went to walk through Oru/Toila Park which seperates our apartment from the Gulf of Finland. (I'm very disappointed I didn't grab my camera - which is why there are no pictures with this post) The stroll through the park was very relaxing and enjoyable (except for the mosquitoes that were out it full force). There was a crowd gathered down at the water for the bonfire. We hoped they wouldn't wait until dark to start the fire. Even though it was after 9:00, it was not going to be dark any time soon. To our delight the fire was started a short time later. We hung around for a little while so the kids could play - they were throwing rocks in the water and stick in the fire. It wasn't too hard to get everyone to head back home since we had ice cream and strawberries waiting for us. Ron took the ladies home around 11:30. They had such a great time. Olga thanked us over and over for the wonderful evening. Please pray for her - we feel this was another step in building our friendship with her to one day reach her with the gospel. The Sampsons left for home around midnight. Our kids were thrilled to get to stay up so late. Before I went to bed (about 1:30) I looked out the window and noticed the sky still had a glow of light in it. We had 21 hours and 41 minutes of daylight on our longest day of the year.


  1. So . . . the question is . . . since you had such a long day, did you get any extra work done?

  2. That much daylight is hard to imagine by 9pm its dark. Sounds like such a nice day wish we were there! We will be praying for those Ladies.

  3. An almost 22-hour day?! What a neat thing to go through together and make a family day out of it too... your kids will never forget it!


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