Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am proud to be an American. This year we enjoyed celebrating the fourth of July with some other American, missionary families in Tallinn. Not only did we share some great AMERICAN food, but the fellowship was a special treat and blessing.

Ron helped do the BBQ

everything was delicious - hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, baked beans, chips....

and a beautiful, delicious cake.

We took squirt guns for all the kids...they were a big hit!

Caleb liked teaching Ryland how to blow bubbles.

We wanted to end the day with fireworks, but we all agreed that we did not want to stay up or keep the kids up until it got dark after 11p.m. We'll enjoy fireworks on New Year's Eve.
♫ God bless America, land that I love ♫


  1. Such fun pictures! Love the sandbox.

  2. Great pictures. The food looks delicious!

    It looks like Sarah is a great helper with little ones.

    The picture of Caleb sharing his bubbles is a classic.

    Looks like it was a pretty fun day!

  3. wow it doesn't get dark til after 11pm? didn't know that.

    The pics are so cute. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  4. Love what you're doing with your pictures (are you doing that with Photobucket?).

    Also, your new background is just darling! Love seeing you blog so faithfully!


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