Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lithuania - Day 3

We spent the morning passing out literature on the street again. After lunch we had the opportunity to meet a couple other missionary families and fellowship for a little while. Wednesday evening Ron was to preach in the church. Well, to make a long story short - we got lost and never made it to church! We had a borrowed GPS with us and typed in the church address that was given to us, but...we ended up in a different section of town. Church was almost over and we still didn't know where we were in relation to where we were supposed to be. The GPS did know how to get us back to the hotel :) For dinner we enjoyed a meal at the hotel restaurant (all four of the kids had a coupon for a free meal). Another long, but good day!


  1. Sounds like deputation. ;) Thankfully, though, we never did miss a service.

  2. At first I was disappointed that day 3 had no pictures. I figured maybe Ron had a bad hair day or something. Then I read the post and saw why there were no pictures. How do you photograph someone getting lost?

    Do you remember when we were teenagers and went to Washington DC? There was this certain freeway interchange that wasn't clearly marked and it seemed that no matter which onramp or exit dad took, we kept ending up driving alongside of the Pentagon. Dad was getting frustrated after several tries and things were a bit tense in the car. Then Timothy said, "Well...I think we've seen all 5 sides of the Pentagon now!"

    Anyway, glad you finally found your way home!


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