Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lithuania - Day 5

Heading HOME today! Our time in Lithuania has been exciting, but we are ready to head back.
The 9 hour trip (aproximatley) went smoothly. I thought you might enjoy some of the sights we saw as we drove through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

An abandoned border station.

We had driven about 5 hours and were looking for a place to eat lunch. Then we spotted the perfect place....

a cafe right beside a beautiful lake with an awesome playground for the kids to get some wiggles out. The food was a little different, but very good.

This is where we enjoyed our lunch.

When we arrived in Johvi we stopped by our building to unload the trailer.

After a long day and drive, we made it home around 11p.m. We also made it home before dark!


  1. The cafe on the lake is beautiful! What a relaxing place to stop and eat.

  2. I don't know if I have somehow missed a bunch of your posts, or if you just did a bunch at once. Anyway, I loved these pictures! That table by the lake is awesome. Glad you guys had such a nice trip while serving the Lord. I also love all the green everywhere. Keep posting pictures!

  3. Sure is a beautiful country!

    Are those last two pictures really taken at 11:00 pm? If! It gets dark here at about 6:30 all year long.


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