Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

My BABY turned 4 *snif, snif*. He was so excited to celebrate his birthday. While I am SO thankful that he is a growing, healthy, active little boy, I am also sad that the time is passing so quickly. It seems like it wasn't more than a few days ago when I heard those three wonderful words once again...."it's a boy!" The miracle of a little baby will never cease to amaze me. Well, that happened on September 8, 2006 (two weeks early *big smile*).
This year for his birthday, Daddy took him to town to run some errands so the kids and I could get the house ready. It was a great day of celebration for Caleb and he is now a proud 4 year old.

the "doggy" cake

getting home from town loaded with treats from Marita and Olga (two of Ron's English students)

opening cards from supporting churches

present time!!!

Caleb found all ten dog bones I hid in the house.

more party games

blowing out the candle

Caleb really wants to eat his cake.

The Birthday Boy!!!

What a joy it has been to cuddle, kiss, nurture, raise, and love Caleb for the past four years. Sometimes I wonder how I can love Caleb SO much when my heart was already full and bursting at the seams before God gave him to me. Well, God made a mother's love to mulitipy, not be divided. Since the day Caleb was born, my love for him has grown stronger each day. How is that possible???? Only God knows the wonder of a mother's love for her children. How blessed I am to have not one, but four children that love me. I am blessed beyond words.
Happy Birthday, Caleb!! I love you ♥

Now I'm off to hug my little guy ♥


  1. Happy Birthday Caleb! I love those pics they are so sweet!

  2. Really enjoyed talking to Caleb on his birthday. Love his enthusiasm about anything and everything.
    April used to say she didn't want another child because she couldn't imagine how she could love another child like she loved Timothy.

  3. Awesome party! We did a puppy party for Candace when she turned (I think) 5, and it was one of the most fun parties we have ever had. Love the cake! And I can't believe this boy is 4! Last time we saw him he was about a week old. Time flies!


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