Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Year 2010-11

Our school is one of the "International Homeschool Branches" of the Sequoia Baptist Academy in Visalia, California. We are beginning our 7th year of homeschooling and are off to a great start. Even though we are doing school at home, I try my best to make it feel like they are at school. The fourth bedroom in our house is the school. It is set up with their desks and decorated with an Americana theme along with charts and a world map.
This year I've added a few extra assignments that they will be required to do. I also picked out a character trait (along with the definition and a Bible verse) for each of the kids and hung it above their desk with a challenge to them to apply the trait to their daily life. Plus I have challenged myself in several areas that I want to improve in as their teacher to make this year better than other years. We are all excited about the school year of 2010-11. The kids haven't even complained that they have the same teacher again this year, in fact, I think they rather like her. *wink and smile*

First day of school - August 23, 2010

Sarah is in 3rd grade.
Favorite subjects ~ English and Animal Science
Character trait ~ Meek

Andrew is in 5th grade
Favorite Subjects ~ Social Studies and Science
Character Trait ~ Perseverant

Daniel is in 6th grade.
Favorite subject ~ Science
Character trait ~ Diligent

Favorite subject ~ break time (not for him - he's on break all day, but for the older kids whom is waiting to play with)
Character trait ~ being quiet in school

Now, does this look like a kid that is going to sit and be quiet while the big kids are doing school?

Monday, August 30th, we had a "Back to School" party! The Smith family (missionaries in Tallinn) also homeschool their boys and so we got together at our place to celebrate the start of another school year. The day was so much fun for the kids and even the parents.

After playing outside for awhile, the kids came in for a sack lunch - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, apples, and a juice box. Then we played some games with a school theme.

What is a party without cake?
The rest of the afternoon the kids enjoyed playing the Wii and computer games. The adults were having fun too ~I taught Ron and Mike and Penny Smith how to play Mille Bornes. We played men against the ladies and all I'll say about that is....LADIES RULE!!!

Why do kids always want to act silly for a picture? I don't know, but I decided to put in on here so you would know first hand what we are up against *smile*. Seriously, we do appreciate those of you who pray daily for us.


  1. I guess in this case it's okay to chew on your pencil?!

  2. It was a great day! Thanks again for all the hard work you did!

  3. You always make things so fun for your kids!
    I love how you fixed up their school room.

  4. Looks like a fun day. Cool cake. The desks and bulletin boards all look so nice and neat, and the kids look happy to be in school. That's nice that you have a spare room to use for school. I hope you all have a great year, and I hope those big, happy smiles last all the way 'til May!

  5. Love your school room and especially loved the cake! You're such a creative Mom... I'm sure your kids will never forget these memories (especially since you're blogging about them!)


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