Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A special visitor!

In August we enjoyed a visit from Grandma Winkler. She was here for about 9 days. How true is the saying "Time flys when you are having fun". Each day was filled making special memories.

Grandma arrived at the airport in Tallinn at 11p.m. After our 2 hour ride to Toila, we finally arrived home about 1:30am. Needless to say, the next day was a "stay at home and visit" day.

Old Town Tallinn

Oru Park in Toila

Eating at the Golden Arches

Estonian Castle on the left....Russian Castle on the right

visiting the castle in Rakvere, Estonia

Ron with his mom, Kathy. Sure hope his dad comes next time too.

saying good-bye to grandma at the Tallinn airport
What a special treat to have family visit. When we said our good-byes, Grandma promised to come again. She also said it might be sooner than we think. She is welcome ANY TIME....and so is grandpa. I am praying that MY parents will get to make a trip over here next year sometime. That would just thrill my heart!
Thank you for coming, Ma. We enjoyed having you! Come back soon!


  1. Visitors on the mission field are so much fun! So glad Grandma Winkler could come for a visit. Looks like you made lots of great memories and took lots of good pictures.

    I like the cobblestone street in Old Town Tallinn, and think the picture of the two castles in different countries is pretty neat too.

    It's also pretty neat that Estonia Air was willing to bring Grandma Winkler right to the house and park across the street for some pictures.

  2. What great memories. Visitors to the mission field are always welcome. Especially cherished family!


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