Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Sunday, October 24, was an exciting service with 4 adults in our family of 6, of course. Everyone seemed to enjoy the service. We are praying that the message will continue to work in the hearts of each one who was there. Valodia, who is one of Ron's English students, came for the first time. He is married and has a little girl. We invited him and his family to our house for dinner. Since his daughter has been sick they have not come yet, but we have left the invitation open for when she is well. Please pray for Valodia and his family and our family as we have opportunity to share the gospel. Valodia has also promised to come to church again tomorrow.
Olga has been to church the past two Sundays. When I saw her on Thursday night, I asked her if she had to work Sunday. She replied, "no, I'll be at church". My prayer is that the preaching of God's Word is speaking to her heart. We were told recently that Olga has friends that have been trying to get her to stay away from us and not come to church. They told her that we were a sect and were trying to get all her money. Satan is fighting for this dear lady's soul. Please pray that the seeds that are being sown will soon bear fruit.
Before I close, I would just ask that throughout the day or before you go to bed tonight, that you would pray for our services tomorrow. Many of you will be going to bed as we start our Sunday. Would you take a few extra minutes and pray for our day at church - specifically these requests mentioned? It is such a blessing and encouragement to have prayer support from friends like you.

I can drive!

In February of this year, Ron got his Estonian driver's license. So, in March (when I returned from my trip to the states) I got all my documents together (EXACTLY like Ron did) to go get my license. Well, things didn't go as smoothly for me. For the past 8 months we have been trying to figure out why Ron was given a license and I wasn't. We only had so much time to get things worked out or I was going to have to go to driving school (in Estonian) if I wanted to have a license. We finally contacted the US Embassy in Tallinn to see if they could help us find anything out. To make a long story short, we were finally able to get everything turned in that they needed. I now have an Estonian license in my wallet!!!! Don't you think Ron should let me drive to church tomorrow?

I am very thankful the Lord worked everything out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to school?

Yes, I know, school is already well under way. The kids have already been in school for over two months {boy, did that go fast}. Caleb is even doing a little bit of "school" this year. I am working with him on his letters - recognition, sounds, and writing. It has really helped to make him not feel left out while his older brothers and sister are in school.
Ron also has been teaching his English classes for about a month. So, you are probably wondering why I am writing a BACK TO SCHOOL post in October. Well, I am also back in school - but not full-time. A few weeks ago Ron found out about a Russian class that was being offered. In April of 2003 when we first went to Krasnoyarsk, Russia, I took private lessons {part-time} for about 6 months. Other than that "official" education, I only know what I have picked up over the years. I know enough to get around, but I sure would like to be fluent in the Russian language. Understanding someone else speak is much easier than actually speaking myself. So, this class seemed like a good oportunity to better my Russian. This past Monday eveing was my first chance to attend the class. I was so excited, yet nervous at the same time.

The lesson went well. The teacher was awesome. She was very friendly, energetic, and had lots of class participation. One little problem....actually this could be a HUGE problem.
All the other students in the class are Estonians who want/need to learn Russian. This means that the class is a mixture of Estonian and Russian. I think I only know one word in Estonia. So when the teacher {who speaks Estonian, Russian, and German - no English} teaches and explains words, meanings, and such, that is all in Estonian. Several of the other students know some English, but since I just met them, I'm not sure how much they know or how well they speak. The good news is that I made it through the class Monday night and was able to keep up with what was going on. The teacher talked to me after the class and asked me to come back. She said she would have the other students who speak English help me out some as I need it. I look forward to next Monday night. It may take several classes to see if this class will work out for me.
Another tool I am using to help me with my Russian is Rosetta Stone.

My goal is to be more diligent to use this program daily. I can use this program at my own convenience. I just need to discipline myself to use it faithfully. I sure would appreciate your prayers as I spend some extra time focusing on the Russian language. If the class doesn't work out, I am hoping the Lord will open another door for me.


Sunday, a few minutes before time for church to start, Olga walked in the door. What a joy it was to have her in our service. She listened intently as Ron opened the Bible and told of God's love. Olga was also given a copy of the newly translated book done by Cary Schmidt. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit would work in her heart and open her eyes to the truths of God's Word. PLEASE continue to pray for her!

Matthew 18:20 says, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." With our church in its infant stage, our numbers are not large, but according to this verse God can still work and bless. We need and covet your prayers!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ministry News

In September we began holding weekly services in Johvi. Things are starting off very slowly, but we believe that in time a church will be established here. The Lord is blessing almost daily with opportunities to meet people personally. Building relationships with people is a key to our ministry. The greatest open door for us right now is teaching English. Johvi, Estonia is a small city of 20,000 people and yet the interest in learning English is amazing. Last year Ron taught an average of about 10 students. This year the number of students has jumped to 37! Also, last year Ron was the teacher for another organization that offered English classes. This same organization and another local business have contacted him wanting him to teach English for them. Now, you may wonder....are they there as English teachers or missionaries? Well, first and foremost, we are here as MISSIONARIES. However, sometimes we need to be creative. With the interest in learning English, the Lord has opened many doors for us to work personally with the people. We now have 37 people that Ron will be in contact with every week. God has already allowed us to see fruit from this ministry. If you remember Irina, we met her through the English class, built a relationship, and then began a weekly Bible study. The Holy Spirit worked in her heart and in August she was saved. We pray that this story would be repeated time and time again as we work to build relationships with people.

At this time we ask that you would pray for the 37 students that Ron teaches each week. Already each one has personally been invited to our service. Several people have shown an interest, but many times it takes time before they actually come.
Here are a few more specific people that we would ask you to be in prayer for...
Irina ~ the boys' piano teacher. She really enjoys teaching the boys and has commented that there is something "different" about them. Ron and I have each personally invited her. The boys invite her almost every week and are faithful to pray for her.
Lena ~ Sarah's piano teacher. Once again, Ron and I have each invited her personally.
Olga ~ a returning English student. Olga attended our Resurrection service and has been to our house on a few occasions. Most Sundays she has to work, but this Sunday {October 10} she doesn't. When we talked to her on Friday, she said she would be there this week! Olga is a very sweet lady and we just ask that you would diligently pray with us for her salvation.
Lillianna ~ a new English student. Ron was able to talk with her after class the other night. She has promised to come to church on October 17.
Andrew and Jenya ~ Ron has spent time talking to both of these men and they have been invited to church.

A special thanks to each of you who faithfully pray for our family and ministry. What a blessing you are. There are days that YOUR prayers keep us going. Thank you for doing YOUR part so that we can do our part.

Another quick note:
I realize that I do not put a lot of posts on my blog specifically about our ministry. I guess the main reason for that is because MY ministry is my family. The Lord has given me the most special ministry of all....raising four children for the Lord. Many times I am amazed at the responsibility I have been given and I'm so thankful for the Handbook that guides me on my way. I am thankful for all of you who lift me and my "ministry" up in prayer.
Of course, I love to help my hubby any time I can in the ministry. Our family enjoys serving the Lord together.
So, now you know why most of my posts are about my kids and what goes on at our's MY MINISTRY!!! (and I love it)


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