Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Sunday, October 24, was an exciting service with 4 adults in our family of 6, of course. Everyone seemed to enjoy the service. We are praying that the message will continue to work in the hearts of each one who was there. Valodia, who is one of Ron's English students, came for the first time. He is married and has a little girl. We invited him and his family to our house for dinner. Since his daughter has been sick they have not come yet, but we have left the invitation open for when she is well. Please pray for Valodia and his family and our family as we have opportunity to share the gospel. Valodia has also promised to come to church again tomorrow.
Olga has been to church the past two Sundays. When I saw her on Thursday night, I asked her if she had to work Sunday. She replied, "no, I'll be at church". My prayer is that the preaching of God's Word is speaking to her heart. We were told recently that Olga has friends that have been trying to get her to stay away from us and not come to church. They told her that we were a sect and were trying to get all her money. Satan is fighting for this dear lady's soul. Please pray that the seeds that are being sown will soon bear fruit.
Before I close, I would just ask that throughout the day or before you go to bed tonight, that you would pray for our services tomorrow. Many of you will be going to bed as we start our Sunday. Would you take a few extra minutes and pray for our day at church - specifically these requests mentioned? It is such a blessing and encouragement to have prayer support from friends like you.


  1. Just wanted to let you know we prayed for guys last night! Looking forward to hearing great things from you guy!

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  3. We love you guys, and are praying for you. We love reading these posts!

  4. Thanks for sharing the news. It's encouraging and helps us to pray more specifically.


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