Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Valodia has been faithfully attending our services for the past 5 weeks. The first week that he came he used one of the Bibles we have at the church. How exciting that the next week he was back and brought his own Bible! The other people that were at church that Sunday all gathered around and looked at his beautiful Bible - leather with a zipper and tabs for each book of the Bible. So glad he saw the importance of bringing his Bible with him to church.
A couple of weeks ago, he sent Ron an email saying that his car had been vandalized and it wouldn't be fixed by Sunday. Needless to say, we were disappointed that he would not be in church. However, as our family was getting things ready for the service, the front door opened and in walked Valodia. He said, "I rode the bus". What a blessing it was to see him put forth the extra effort to be in church.
This past Sunday, November 21, we had Valodia, his wife, and their daughter over for dinner. His wife and daughter did not attend the service with him, but it was a joy to get to meet them. The meal went well and tasted delicious (she even asked me for the recipe), but the best part was the huge tray of warm homemade cinnamon rolls she brought. So YUMMY!!!

Please pray for Valodia and Nellie. We want to be vessels the Lord can use to point them to the Saviour.


  1. That is wonderful! Praise the Lord, we will be praying for their salvation and for you as you witness to them!

  2. This is really exciting! We'll be praying for God to speak to their hearts.


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