Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time ~ Part 1

Each year our family looks forward to setting up our tree and decorating the house. Now that the kids are older, they can decorate the tree almost all by themselves. Of course, Daddy helps with the lights and mommy does the final touches. The evening is fun as we work together. After the tree is done, we watch our first Christmas movie of the season.

While the boys decorated the tree, Sarah was busy in the kitchen making snickerdoodles to go with glasses of milk...mmmmm!

Daniel putting the tree skirt around the tree.

Daddy helping Caleb put the star on top!

All to get some presents under there.


  1. Nice looking tree! I don't understand why Daniel was putting a skirt on though. :)

  2. They did a great job! And the cookies look delicious!

  3. The tree looks great! Very pretty!

    Sarah, does wearing that hat while you bake the cookies make them taste more Christmasy? Emma was wearing a hat just like that all around the house for days this Christmas too! She even wore it to bed a couple of nights! Sure would love to see you two and Emily all with Santa hats on!


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