Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saying goodbye to winter

Earlier this month our family was invited to go sledding to celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring. It was a perfect day for some outdoor fun, so we headed out. Irina rode with us to show us the way to a beautiful resort area. After we parked the car we had to walk a short distance through a beautifully wooded area

to reach a little cabin at the top of a hill.

Here you could rent inner-tubes by the hour and

slide down this hill.

The kids could hardly contain themselves. Within a few minutes Andrew and Caleb were on a tube and flying down the hill. The inner tube stayed busy the whole hour we had it. In fact, right as we arrived someone else that was leaving offered us the rest of their time (already paid for) on the tube. That gave us 30 minutes with two tubes!

the kids riding down the biggest, fastest hill

Daniel waiting for his next turn down the hill

Andrew and Sarah enjoyed a few rides together

After seeing how much fun the kids and Ron were having, I claimed a turn too. I loved it!!! It was so fun to zip down the hill. In fact, it was so much fun that I was sort of wishing the kids weren't there for me to have to share the tube with ;)

How did we get back up the hill? Thankfully there was a little conveyor belt - just big enough to stand on and pull your tube behind you. However, we didn't just stand on it and let it carry us SLOWLY back up the hill. No way, we practically ran so we could go back down. It was nice to have the traction though. I may not have been so anxious to have another turn if we had to find our own way back up the hill.

Daniel and Andrew

Daniel, Andrew, and Sarah all going together

Caleb went down a couple of times, but then he found a little hill behind the cabin to play on and had a blast.

You may be wondering like I was...

how can you say good-bye to winter when the temperatures are below freezing, there is still snow in the forecast, and there is still piles of snow everywhere? Good question! So I asked Irina. She explained that this is the day people say good-bye to winter almost in a wishful way. As if saying good-bye will cause it to go away. (Have you ever done that to a know, say good-bye hoping they will "get the hint" and leave?)
Our good-byes have been said and we are waiting for spring to come.


  1. Wow, that looked like so much fun! If we ever make it to Estonia we might have to come and say "good bye" to winter :)

  2. Beautiful! And looks like you guys had a great time! Hmmmm...maybe we'll have to plan a visit. ;) (Next year of course, when you still have snow.)

  3. Enjoyed your post! Looks like so much fun!

  4. That looks soooo boring!

    (Don't mind me, I'm just using reverse psychology on myself so I won't be jealous.)


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