Saturday, June 25, 2011

Developing talents

The kids have had the special blessing of taking piano lessons at the local music school in Toila, Estonia. 
They have private lessons with wonderful teachers.  Although they have been taking lessons since they Fall of 2009, they have actually only had about 12 or 13 months of regular, steady lessons (due to summer break, holidays, sickness, etc).    What a joy it is to see my kids developing a talent that they can use to honor, glorify, and serve the Lord.  

Recently the kids had a recital (via Skype) for both sets of grandparents.  I thought I would share their accomplishments with you.  If you leave them an encouraging comment, I'll make sure they see it.  I know it would mean so much to them. 
(they were all nervous being video taped and having Skype on since they have never played for anyone except us and their teacher.........this is probably the reason they all look so serious)

My word for June is....


The Bible has so much to say about prayer.  There are also many awesome sayings such as "Prayer Changes Things", "The family that prays together stays together", and so many more.  However, we can know the sayings and all the verses, but unless we make prayer a personal part of our lives we can not claim the promises.  I know that I need to make prayer a bigger priority in my daily life.  There is NO way I can live in this world, be a good wife, raise godly children, serve as a missionary, or anything else without His help. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Riding a bike!

Several weeks ago, Ron took the traning wheels off Caleb's bike.
He took off!
Once he stopped he had a hard time getting going again on his own.
He quickly got the hang of it though.
Today he even went on a bike ride with daddy and all the other kids.
It is so much fun to watch the kids grow up and learn to do new things.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Awards, Prizes, and Celebration

We have finished another school year!  The kids worked hard all year long, but the last couple of weeks we put in extra hours and even a Saturday or two so that we could finish a week early.  Their diligence paid off!
Monday, May 23, I planned a few special things to celebrate the end of another school year. 

school is over....they are excited!
 Each of the kids were given certificates for their efforts in school.  We also got them a small gift to let them know we are proud of them.  Throughout the year we faced some long, frustrating days.  Over all though, we had an outstanding year.  Each of the kids excelled and I am glad that I have the privilege to be their teacher.

I was a little nervous when I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner.  Although my kids enjoy many different foods, they all have different favorites.  I wasn't sure if they would all agree on what they would choose for their special dinner.  But, they did!  When I suggested tostadas they all enthusiastically replied "YES".

Caleb enjoying his tostada

Banana splits for dessert!
 Since I am just a little bit proud of my kids, I thought I would take a minute and brag on them.

He's not in school yet, but he joined in our celebration for the day.  Actually, he had been doing lots of papers to help him be ready to learn to read this Fall.  He knows all his letters, can write his name, knows his colors, and knows the sounds that each letter says.  He is a very brite little boy and will do great in school.

Caleb ~ 4 1/2 years old
She completed the 3rd grade this year!  However, this little girl just LOVES school and finished up 4th grade work.  Although she is good in Math, that is not her favorite subject....she enjoys English and Spelling.  If you were to ask her, she would probably just say she likes school - all of it. 
Sarah was given a certificate for PENMANSHIP.  She has beautful handwriting.
Sarah finished the year with a 98.72% grade point average.

 He finished the 5th grade this year.  Andrew likes Science and History and he is very good at Spelling.  He rarely complains about doing his school work.  Andrew received an award for RESPONSIBILITY!  He is a self-motivator.  He knows what he needs to do and he gets it done.  Andrew finished the year with a  94.72% grade point average.

He graduated from the 6th grade and will be starting Jr.High in the!!!  Daniel loves to learn, but school is not his favorite place to do it.  He likes "hands-on" learning.  Give him some tools and something....anything to take apart or put together and he can do it.  He has an imagination that never stops.  Sitting in school is...well....boring to him.  So, needless to say, the school year can seem pretty long for him....and me :).  Anyway, Daniel worked really hard this year.  He studied hard and his grades improved.  He received an award for IMPROVEMENT.  Daniel finished the year with a 94.33% grade point average.


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