Monday, July 4, 2011

Keep On Keeping On!!!

Serving the Lord is the absolute best life that there is, of that I am sure!  However, we are not promised that life will be a "bed of roses".  It can be easy to get discouraged or frustrated at times because the ministry does not progress or grow as quickly as we think (or wish) it would.  We hear results of other mission fields that have large churches, many salvations, and regular baptism services.  That is awesome!  There are times that I catch myself wishing God had called us to one of those fields.  But then I stop and think of the city of Johvi........the people here.........and their need for a Saviour. 

Although most people are very friendly to us here, most of them are not that interested in spiritual things.  My heart is broken almost daily because of the coldness of people toward God.  Many people are turned off by {any} religion completely, while others are so caught up in their "religion" that they think they don't need God. 

June 2011
 I know many of you are our faithful prayer partners and we are so grateful.  Please continue to pray for our ministry.  I'll quickly remind you of a few names of people that we regularly work with....
Irina - saved last August.  Does not come to church real faithfully.  Pray that she would grow in her Christian life and that she would realize the need to be in church every Sunday.
Marita - claims to be a Christian, comes to church faithfully
Tanya - comes to church pretty faithfully, brings her own Bible
Valodia - comes to church pretty faithfully.  His wife just got a job and works on Sunday so he brings his 3 year old daughter.  We are glad he brings her rather than stay home to watch her.
Olga - comes when she can but works many Sundays
Lena - has been coming for about 3 months, asks questions about the Bible
Sunday afternoon BBQ at our house (June 2011)
In the past couple of weeks we have made some more contacts.  These people are interested in English, but all the people who attend our service now started off as "just an English student".  English continues to be a great tool to contact people.  Lord willing, Ron will be starting up English classes again in just a couple of months.  We would appreciate prayer for this ministry too.

In closing, I would encourage each of you to read this article at the Missionary Memo.  Stephen Benefield is my brother and has been serving the Lord in Cambodia since 2000.  You will not regret visiting his blog.  There are many challenging articles posted, but Farmer Fred and the Three Visitors will encourage you to keep on keeping on.  Do it God's way and trust Him for the increase in His time.

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  1. It's so great to see names and faces! Praise God for these doors of opportunity that God has opened for you to reach these precious people with the Gospel.

    Thanks for the recommendation on the Farmer Fred story. I'm glad to hear it blessed you, and I hope it blesses and challenges others too.


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