Saturday, July 16, 2011

My hubby's birthday!

July 5th, my hubby celebrated his ??th birthday! 
I am so blessed to be married to such a special man.
My kids have an AWESOME daddy, and they just love him to pieces.

♥the birthday boy♥
 This year we were able to give Ron a special little surprise for his birthday (even though it was a little early).  Since we live in Johvi now, Ron walked to the church the Saturday before his "big day".  That left us with the car.  So, the kids worked hard to clean it out, vacuum the inside, and wash the windows. 
cleaning dad's van
 Then we went to a car wash so the outside would match the clean inside.
We hung a new air freshener inside and taped a birthday card to the steering wheel.

It is so fun to do special things for the people you love!


  1. So thoughtful! Such hard workers, and I'm sure Ron appreciated it!

  2. Hey, send those kids my way. I have a van that needs to be cleaned too.


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