Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A daughter is a gift of love!

I remember when our little Princess was born.
A GIRL....
{Purple pajamas........ pink blankets........."daddy's girl" bibs......
...ruffle socks..... head bands.....Sunday dresses.....}
How fun to be blessed with such a precious gift!

For the past 9 years, Sarah has filled our home with love, laughter, and joy.
I am so thankful that God has given her to us and it is our heart's desire to raise her for His honor and glory.

Daughters are like flowers,
They fill the world with beauty

We actually celebrated her birthday one day early.  Friday morning (the 26th of August) Ron took Sarah on a bike ride.  While they were gone, the boys helped me decorate her room for a "GIRLS ONLY" party!

Just Sarah and I spent the entire afternoon and into the evening together in her room eating goodies, doing a puzzle, coloring, and snuggling on bean bags while watching "girl" movies.
(We did come out after a while to fix the guys their dinner)

We will both always treasure our special time together that day.
Daughters fill our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love.

Saturday morning we started off the day with her birthday breakfast of Coffee Cake, followed by presents.  She had several cards, emails, and one big gift bag.

Inside the bag was one little piece of paper which told her that she would have to follow the clue to find her present.  Each present had another clue to find the next gift. 

One of the special things my kids enjoy each year on their birthday is a special personalized cake I make for them.  I have always enjoyed doing this for them.  It's been a favorite birthday tradition in our house.  This year I needed something very simple and not real time consuming.  Since Sarah is a great helper in the kitchen and loves to help me bake, I decided to make her an apron cake this year. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my Sarah Kaitlyn!  I love you♥


A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.


  1. That is so sweet! A mother-daughter party together all by yourselves. I know she will treasure that memory all of her life.

  2. What a wonderful day for your daughter! She looks likes such a sweet young lady, what a touching post. I'm sure she'll treasure these memories for years to come.
    Beautiful cake! It's our tradition to make special cakes for birthdays here too, but I'm such an amateur. I love looking at all your birthday cakes!

  3. Love the cake :) Happy Birthday Sarah!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Sarah!

    Wow, Rachel... you did an amazing job with her cake and decorations. You have a very beautiful talent, dear friend!!!

  5. I am so blessed to be "mom" and "grandma" to the 2 girls in this post. Both of you make me thankful and proud, and, Rachel, you are so right. A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.
    Lots of love from "your friend",


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