Monday, October 24, 2011

First Anniversary!

September 25 was an exciting day for us as we celebrated our one year mark of holding Sunday Bible studies in Johvi. 
 We were blessed to have a guest speaker and his wife from Belarus. 

Saturday was spent preparing for Sunday's celebration....

awesome helpers
Serving the Lord is a family affair.  It is a blessing that our kids are joyful, willing helpers.  I am so thankful for their tender hearts toward the Lord, our ministry, and the people that God has called us to.
preparing Borsch

Sarah made cookies

Sunday Service.....

God used Vladimir and his wife, Olga, to be a blessing.  Our people responded well to their special music and message. 
Vladimir and Olga singing a special

Vladimir preaching

The meal....

We have been truly blessed with helpful, sweet ladies that pitch right in to do what needs to be done.  All of our people helped provide the meal.  In fact, I had to insist that I would make dessert so that I would get to be a part too. 
our ladies getting everything ready for the meal

our people getting to know our guests

Vladimir sharing his testimony
Our people enjoyed visiting and asking questions with our guests before they had to leave.  We were disappointed that they had to leave so quickly after our meal, but we appreciate their willingness to fit us in before they returned to Belarus.

We look forward to the weeks, months, and years ahead with anticipation to see what God will do.

September 2011

(I know many of the pictures are blury....sorry about that.  In the hecticness of Sunday morning, we locked ourselves out of our apartment =(  my camera was in there!  So, I had to use a phone, which of course, does not take great pictures.  After the service we had our first church-wide activity....breaking in to the Pastor's apartment.  The door sustained some damage, but they finally "broke" in.  We ordered a new door the next day.)


  1. Praise the Lord for a good service! Love reading your blog! Would you be interested in doing a guest post for our blog - You are welcome to do a Missionary Monday, a devotional for Friday, or just send some photos of you and your family and introduce yourself. Technically, I'm new to all this so if you're interested you can share what you want!!

  2. Definitely an exciting post! I am so thankful for all that God is doing through the Winkler family in Estonia. It's great to see my niece and nephews helping out. I'm proud of them. There is a young lady here at GVBC who is ten years old and also LOVES to bake. Her name is Michal. I think Sarah would love to meet her. I also enjoy seeing the pictures of all the people that you are working with. I would love to get to fellowship with them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Praise the Lord for a great service! What a blessing!

  4. What a great post! Thanks for taking time to write it all and post the photos. We are grateful for your service and love for Christ and the people of Estonia. (From Morgan Reece/Liberty Baptist in Newport Beach)


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