Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giveaway winners!

I am so excited about the great responce to my first giveaway.
It's too bad that I can't give all of you a free copy of More Than Just A Savior.
Stay tuned and I'll tell you how you can purchase a copy.
But first things first....

Random.org helped me pick two of you sweet ladies as winners.

So, without further ado
our first winner is:

Tinyla at My Life At Home
 the second winner goes to:

Jessica at From The Heart of Mrs. Missionary
 I am so happy for both Tinyla and Jessica.  Please contact me (you can use the "email me" button on the right side of the blog) and let me know your address so that I can have your FREE book mailed to you.

To purchase a copy/copies:

contact my brother: Stephen Benefield
Cost: $10 + shipping

With Christmas right around the corner, why not consider this great book at an amazing price as a gift.

Please be understanding of the fact that my brother has a busy schedule during his furlough.  Allow plenty of time when ordering any books. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

"Hot Off The Press" giveaway!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you my brother...

author of
More Than Just A Savior

The Benefield Family
Seth, Stephen, Candace, Emma Stephen, Angela, Gabriella, and Deborah
"Sheep never outgrow their need for daily leadership from the shepherd"

Stephen and his family have been missionaries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since the Fall of 2000.  When they first arrived they worked with vetern missionaries while learning the culture and language.  Within a couple of years, they started the Good News Baptist Church.  God is using this family to do a great work in Cambodia.  Hundreds have been saved and many baptized under their ministry.  Scores of lives have been changed because this dear family has given their lives to share the Good News of salvation to the lost people of Cambodia.  Their family has faced their share of problems, discouragement, heartache, and trials, but through it all they have remained faithful.

"The most important work, and the first work, is a work that is done on the inside."

Stephen recently wrote a book -  More Than Just A Savior ~ Every Christian's 10 Wonderful Relationships With God.  This book will challenge and encourage you to develop or deepen your relationship with Christ.  I am confident that this book will be a blessing to anyone who reads it.

"Our flesh will betray us into enemy hands if we give it even the slightest opportunity." 

The book was printed in Cambodia (in English, of course {smile}) and brought to the states when my brother and his family returned for a furlough.  That was about 5 weeks ago.  They are literally hot off the press!  Our family is currently reading and studying through the book.  It is a well written, fantastic book. 

"As you seek Him in prayer and in His Word, you will find Him again and again." 

Someone will receive a FREE copy.....it could be YOU!

"Christians who live in stubbornness and rebellion are disrespecting their King and wasting a precious relationship that they have with God."

*simply leave a comment

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The giveaway will end at 9p.m. Pacific Standard Time on November 14, 2011.  

*if you would like to enter to win, please make sure the comment is left on my blog, not a comment on facebook.
*if there are 30 or more comments, I will give away 2 books!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Thankful Tree

I just love the trees as all the leaves change colors
The crisp, cool air is so refreshing
THANKSGIVING is right around the corner.

In our home, the Thanksgiving holiday is a big deal.  We try to teach our kids to be thankful all the time, but it is this time of year that we put more effort into being thankful and counting our blessings.

This year I came up with this idea:
I have a tree stand that is actually a Christmas decoration that you hang those pretty, shiny ball ornaments on.  But for right now it is our THANKFUL TREE.  Using my supply of scrap book paper, I cut out lots of colorful leaves. 

We are going to go through the alphabet for our thankful list. Each day we get a new leaf with the letter for that day and write down every thing we can think of that we are thankful for that starts with the day's letter.

Then we punch a hole,
tie some pretty ribbon on it,
and hang it on our THANKFUL TREE.

Just a few days into the month and we are having a great time counting our blessings.
We are so blessed!
This has helped us to ponder all the many things - both big and small - that we enjoy from God.

I am very pleased with the thought and effort each of the kids is putting into this project.
When we have completed the alphabet, we will take time as a family to read all the leaves.

"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good;..."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two thumbs up -- five stars

I have never used my blog to give a movie review....and I most likely will not do it again.
this movie is OUTSTANDING!!!

A while back some friends of ours told us about The Runner from Ravenshead.  They spoke very highly of it and so we borrowed their copy.  Our entire family enjoyed it immensely.  

The Runner from Ravenshead has 5 actors - four brothers and one sister - that's it.  The oldest was 9 years old at the time they made this movie.  The acting done by these children is amazing.

 This movie is filled with action, adventure, humor, anticipation, and so much more.
Since this movie is an allegory, it has spiritual value to it as well.

I highly recommend this movie!


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