Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Thankful Tree

I just love the trees as all the leaves change colors
The crisp, cool air is so refreshing
THANKSGIVING is right around the corner.

In our home, the Thanksgiving holiday is a big deal.  We try to teach our kids to be thankful all the time, but it is this time of year that we put more effort into being thankful and counting our blessings.

This year I came up with this idea:
I have a tree stand that is actually a Christmas decoration that you hang those pretty, shiny ball ornaments on.  But for right now it is our THANKFUL TREE.  Using my supply of scrap book paper, I cut out lots of colorful leaves. 

We are going to go through the alphabet for our thankful list. Each day we get a new leaf with the letter for that day and write down every thing we can think of that we are thankful for that starts with the day's letter.

Then we punch a hole,
tie some pretty ribbon on it,
and hang it on our THANKFUL TREE.

Just a few days into the month and we are having a great time counting our blessings.
We are so blessed!
This has helped us to ponder all the many things - both big and small - that we enjoy from God.

I am very pleased with the thought and effort each of the kids is putting into this project.
When we have completed the alphabet, we will take time as a family to read all the leaves.

"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good;..."


  1. Great idea! Your tree looks like it's getting pretty full already.:o) God is so good!

  2. Love this idea, Rachel, and I pinned it on "Pinterest" so I won't forget it!

  3. I love this idea too. In fact, I've been trying to think of ideas of how to teach Seth the meaning of Thanksgiving this year. I think we will do this too . . . if I can figure out what to use as a tree!

  4. great idea! Its so cute!

    I found your blog through the Shulls {missionaries to Greenland}, and I added you to my blog list!


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