Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two thumbs up -- five stars

I have never used my blog to give a movie review....and I most likely will not do it again.
this movie is OUTSTANDING!!!

A while back some friends of ours told us about The Runner from Ravenshead.  They spoke very highly of it and so we borrowed their copy.  Our entire family enjoyed it immensely.  

The Runner from Ravenshead has 5 actors - four brothers and one sister - that's it.  The oldest was 9 years old at the time they made this movie.  The acting done by these children is amazing.

 This movie is filled with action, adventure, humor, anticipation, and so much more.
Since this movie is an allegory, it has spiritual value to it as well.

I highly recommend this movie!

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  1. Put this on my Amazon wish list.... Thanks for the recommendation, Rachel!


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