Sunday, February 12, 2012


The year was 1977.
God had called my dad to Visalia, California to start a church.

first Sunday of Sequoia Baptist Church - February 1977
The Sequoia Baptist Church was founded by Pastor Robert Benefield as a Bible-believing, fundamental, separated , old-fashioned,  KJV only, Baptist church. 

Now, in 2012 - 35 years later, my dad continues to pastor the Sequoia Baptist Church.  It remains an independent, Bible-believing, separated, fundamental, KJV only Baptist church.  The Word of God has been passionately preached every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night.  Many missionaries are supported and a week long Missions Conference is held every year.  Sunday School bus routes, a Christian school, a Bible Institute, Retirement Home services, and other ministries have all been started to spread the Gospel and train people to reach others.  Over the years people have been and continue to be saved and lives changed!

My mom, Kathy Benefield, has also faithfully served beside my dad.  She loves my dad and has his same passion for the ministry.  She has given her life  to serve the Lord and others.

Ladies Conference 2011

My parents are special to me for many reasons, but today I honor them for their faithfulness.  I am so glad that I have the honor and privilege of calling these two people mom and dad.  They have taught me so much over the years, but their example of  faithfulness is a challenge to keep on in good times and through bad.

I'm so glad that my parents listened to and obeyed God's call all those years ago.  Most of all I am thankful for my parents' faithfulness to God, His Word, each other, and the ministries of Sequoia Baptist Church.


I believe that when my parents stand before the Lord someday they will hear,
"Well done, thou good and faithful servant"


  1. How blessed you are, Rachel, to have grown up in a home with parents who were faithful to the ministry, to their family, and to each other!

    I am so very grateful for those like your parents who have shown us a path of faithfulness and God's blessings because of it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a blessing to have parents still serving the Lord after so many years! I too say Happy Anniversary!

    It also says something that at least two of their children are serving on foreign mission fields. Missions had to be a priority in your home, I think.


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