Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Ready!

The countdown has begun.
In just 8 days we will fly to America to begin our furlough.

I am thrilled with all the things I have been able to mark off my list.  It has been nice to decluter, deep clean, and organize our apartment.    

We have one or two days of school left to finish up.  (I'll be glad to have that behind me.)  The kids have been working hard in school since July of 2011 so that they could be done by the time we  leave for the states.  The last couple of months they have also been working on specific things that they will enter in the   California Christian School Competition.  Our home church (Sequoia Baptist Church in Visalia, California) hosts this competition.  Our kids will be participating in piano, poem, spelling, singing, hand chimes, and Bible quiz.  This is a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their talents for the Lord.  They are excited to be involved.

I still have a couple of projects I need to finish before we leave.  One is personal and it's not big deal if I get it done or not....I would just like to if I have time.  The other project is something special for the children in the churches as we travel.  I'm off to a good start, I just need to sit down and finish.

Other than those projects, I should be able to focus on getting our stuff packed and ready.  We sure would appreciate your prayers this week as we finish getting ready to leave.  Your prayers would also be coveted as we travel.  Sunday, March 4, we will have a service and fellowship.  Then we will drive in to Tallinn and stay with fellow missionaries there.  Early (and I mean EARLY.....especially for me) Monday morning we leave for America.  So, Sunday evening (California time), if the Lord brings us to your mind, would you pray for safety as we travel?  We would be grateful. 

Caleb getting ready for church

With so much thought of "getting ready" to go to America, God spoke to my heart about "getting ready"for Home (Heaven).  Let's make sure our lives are clean and clutter free so we don't take a bunch of baggage with us.  It's so easy for "things"and the world to sneak in and clutter our mind, heart, and life.  Even if the "things'are not bad, they may be keeping us from serving the Lord with our whole heart.
What about people who are not ready for life after death?  Are we doing all we can to help them get ready?  Are you a faithful witness to those around you who are lost and without Christ?  Can you imagine going on  a trip without packing, planning, and preparing?  Of course not!  Yet life is a journey and so many are not prepared.  It's our job, Christians, to help the lost prepare and get ready for eternity.  


  1. So exciting! I am sure you are really looking forward to seeing your family again.

  2. Oh, I LOVE how you did Caleb's picture!!! Enjoy these last few days of packing, then traveling, then seeing everyone you have looked forward to seeing for so long!!!


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