Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Goodly Heritage

March was a VERY busy month at our home church.  Everyone was gearing up for the California Christian School Competition that our church hosts.  It is an exciting time as the students prepare events to enter in the competition.  This kids were thrilled to get back to the states right in time to be a part.   We had been working on their events for many weeks while we were still in Estonia.   

One of my greatest desires is that my kids will serve the Lord with the talents that God has given them.  This competition challenges the students to develop and use their talents for His honor and glory.

Shortly before the competition, the students have a chance to practice their events at the annual school Talent Show.  Grandparents, other family members, church members, and friends are invited to attend.  It is also a fundraiser for the school to help pay for the students to attend the competition.

Our kids entered these events:
40 yard dash (Andrew)
Chess (Daniel)
Checkers (Sarah)
Art (Daniel, Sarah)
Spelling (Andrew, Sarah)
Piano Solo (Daniel, Andrew, Sarah)
Poem (Daniel, Andrew)
Ensemble (Daniel - Jr. High / Andrew, Sarah - Junior)
Hand Chimes - (Daniel - Jr. High / Andrew, Sarah - Junior)
Preaching - Daniel

All of the kids did an outstanding job!
I'll take a quick minute to share how the kids did (big smile)....if you don't mind
Daniel (Jr. High)
Preaching - 3rd place, Hand Chimes - Honorable Mention
Piano - 1st place, Poem - 1st place, Ensemble - 1st place

Andrew (Junior)
Poem -1st place, Hand Chimes - 1st place
Ensemble - 1st place, Piano - 1st place

Sarah (Junior)
Hand chimes - 1st place,  Ensemble  - 1st place

The Junior Ensemble did an awesome job!
What a joy it was to hear them sing I Love the Old Bible with such zeal and enthusiasm.

During the several days the students are gathered for competition, there are several preaching sessions as well. This year the older students were privileged to hear Pastor John Goetsch of Yuma, Arizona.  Stephen Benefield, Missionary to Cambodia, preached to the younger group.

the awards rally

young ladies from our school

students from Sequoia Baptist Academy

Junior Ensemble receiving their medals

Sarah is pleased with her medal

Andrew receiving an award

Daniel receiving his 3rd place ribbon for preaching
My parents, Pastor and Kathy Benefield, had 8 grandchildren involved in the competition this year.  How exciting to serve the Lord as a family and then to be on furlough and continue serving the Lord with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  This was a special time for the kids.....and grandpa and grandma too.

Three of the grandchildren sang A Goodly Heritage.  The judges thought it was so good they wanted them to sing it at the award rally.  It was a touching and special memory.

Elizabeth Farrell, Candace Benefield, Austin Farrell

my parents listening to their grandchildren sing

I am so thankful for my heritage.  What a blessing it is for my kids to see their grandparents still faithfully serving the Lord.


  1. This takes me back a few years. What a blessing to be a part of the competition and Talent show. Love the video of the ensemble singing.

  2. April BenefieldMay 7, 2012 at 1:42 AM

    It seems they did a great job. I only saw a bit of the competition. Can't wait until my son is old enough to be involved. See you all soon for pictures. :)

  3. What a great testimony! Thanks for sharing!

    WOW! Your kids did a great job! Way to go Mom! :-)


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