Friday, June 1, 2012

"Knotts"of fun!

Our family has been in the states for almost 3 months now.  Let me tell you, life has been busy!!!  There seems to be something going on all the time between reporting to churches, serving and being a part in our home church, and spending time with extended family.  
I have two brothers and a sister.  Since my brother is also on furlough (from Cambodia), we are all in the states right now.  This is a very rare occasion.

Our first "get together with the whole family" was at Knott's Berry Farm!   

watching the rides from the parking lot - anxious to ride them
My brother, Stephen, planned and organized this exciting event.
We all met at my sister's house, loaded in the vans (with all the super excited kids), and headed out for an adventurous two day family trip.   

Day 1

Amidst  all the excitement, we faced disappointment that my mom got very sick a couple days before the trip and was not able to go with us.  My dad stayed home to take care of her.  Wasn't that sweet of him?  We sure missed having them with us.    
Uh oh!!!  Sarah is driving!
Another disappointment was that my sister-in-law spent the entire time in the hotel room since she was not feeling well.
On a positive of my cousins, Malinda Benefield, joined us for our trip.  Everyone enjoyed having her with us.

all the girl cousins
(back row left to right) Gabby Benefield - 4,  Elizabeth Farrell - 11, Candace Benefield - 12
(front row, left to right)  Megan Farrell - 6, Emma Benefield - 9,  Emily Farrell - 8, Sarah Winkler - 9, Deborah Benefield - 11
After a full day of non stop fun, we left the park at 6 (because that was closing time).  We loaded back in the vans and headed for dinner at Denney's.  Once everyone enjoyed a filling meal, it was time to tuck everyone in for a good night of rest.
Now, our family fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.  However.....I heard that it didn't work that way in all the rooms.  Some people just can't stop having fun :)

sweet little Gabby
Day 2 started with donuts and fruit.  Then back to Knott's Berry Farm for more fun!

all the boy cousins
(back row, left to right)  Daniel Winkler - 12, Andrew Winkler - 11, Seth Benefield - 2, Timothy Benefield - 6,
Austin Farrell - 10, Josh Farrell - 4
(front row, left to right)  Nathan Farrell - 2, Caleb Winkler - 5, Stephen Benefield - 6

all the cousins
Day 2 ended with dinner at Jack in the Box and an exhausted group of people driving back to Visalia.

Day 2
I am so thankful for the family God has given us and the opportunity to make these special memories together.  There is lots of excitement in the air as we continue planning and preparing for our big family reunion taking place at the end of June before my brother and his family returns to Cambodia.  We also just had family pictures (with the whole gang - 27 people) taken by Jordana.  Look her up on face book or click on her name to go to her web page.  She did an outstanding job!!!  I can not wait to see them and then to share some of them with you.

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