Friday, January 25, 2013

Participation Please!!!

Things continue to stay busy at our house.  Due to the fact that we live in a small apartment, we have been making some changes and adjustments that we feel will work better for us.  So we have been remodeling, painting, rearranging, etc and things are beginning to come together.  In the near future I hope to give you some more details of our projects and let you see what has been going on. 

With most of our projects behind us, school is now the main focus.

January 7th we officially started our school year.  The kids did get to go to school a little bit this Fall while we were in the states, but it was mainly for *the fun of it*.  Now we are diligently attacking our school work each day trying to make up for lost time.  We have a long year ahead of us since we will be finishing the 2012/13 school year just in time to start 2013/14.  With the Lord's help, we plan to stay on schedule and fit everything in.

Daniel ~ 8th grade
13 years old
5'8"   105lbs
Favorite subject: Science
(if eating was a subject in school, that would be his favorite)

Daniel looks so intelligent in glasses, don't you think?
(He only needs them for reading.)

Andrew ~ 7th grade
12 years old
5'3"     101lbs
Favorite subject: History

Sarah ~ 5th grade
10 years old
4'10"    70lbs.
Favorite subject:  Creative Writing/Literature

Caleb ~ 1st grade
6 years old
3' 9"    40lbs.
Favorite subject:  Science

Isn't he just so cute with his reading glasses?
(the glasses for both Daniel and Caleb were completely covered with our insurance - PTL)
Having four kids in school (in four different grades) sure keeps me busy.  My hat is off to the moms who homeschool and have more than four children.  It is difficult to balance my responsibilities of teacher, mommy, wife, homemaker, missionary wife, etc.  Even though I'm busy, I love my life!!!

We have a school project that we would like to do this year, but we need YOUR help.  It would be so awesome to have friends all over the world get involved. 
Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?  Well, what we want to do is use that idea, but personalize it for our family.  We would like to track our airplane as it visits family, friends, schools, Sunday Schools, homeschool groups, churches, etc. in many different towns, cities, states, and countries.  Keep reading to find out how you can be added to the itenerary.

our airplane

If you would like our airplane to land in your city (town, village, etc - you get the idea), just contact me with your name, mailing address, and email.  When it lands we would like you to take a picture (with our airplane), mail us a post card from where you live, and then send it to the next destination. 
Our airplane will arrive with an itenerary (so you know the next destination), our mailing address (so you can mail us a postcard), and some facts and information about Estonia. 
The cost to you - an envelope and stamp to send it to its next stop and mailing a post card to Estonia.
Would you PLEASE join us in this exciting adventure???

We can't do it without you!
Please contact me by February 9, 2013. 
Contact Information:
the Email Me button on the right side of my blog
facebook (personal): Rachel Benefield Winkler
facebook (ministry): Winker to Estonia
The estimated departure date is February 15, 2013
Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.  I tried to explain everything, but something may not have been clear or I may have left something out.  Don't hesitate to ask for more details or information.
Looking forward to hearing from YOU!


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