Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take off!

Today our plane took off for its trip around the world!

We have had fun locating all the stops on the map and then planning our route.  Now we are looking forward to having it visit each of you who requested to have it land at your house.  It has a total of 42 stops to make before returning to Estonia.  Here is an overview of the itinerary so you can have a little bit of an idea when it will be heading your way.
Croatia (1 stop)
 Africa (2 stops)
Australia (1 stop)
Vanuatu (1 stop)
Cambodia (1 stop)
Russia (1 stop)
Japan (1 stop)
Maine, USA (1 stop)
Minnesota (1 stop)
Ohio (1 stop)
Indiana (2 stops)
North Carolina (2 stops)
South Carolina (1 stop)
Mississippi (1 stop)
Nevada (1 stop)
Arizona (1 stop)
California (19 stops)
Oregon (1 stop)
Washington (1 stop)
Canada (1 stop)
Greenland (1 stop)

The plane will arrive with instructions and a few facts about Estonia.  Although I tried to make sure and cover everything, I may have left something out.  You are more than welcome to contact me with any questions.
Thank you so much for participating!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


For those of you who signed up to get the airplane for our school project, plans are for it to take off Monday or Tuesday.  We'll keep you posted. 
Several weeks ago I mentioned on our facebook page Winklers to Estonia a couple of new things that started up in February.  Since people here have such a desire to learn English, we now have a Wednesday night Bible study in English.  My hubby actually started this for our family, but we have invited others to join us.  So far no one has come, but we are in the process of getting the word out and letting more people know. No matter what happens, our family is enjoying singing, memorizing Bible verses, and hearing a lesson from God's Word.
Ron and I have also started teaching English in a local Day Care.  We teach a group of 7 year olds and then go across the hall and teach 5-6 year olds.  Two times a week we have a short time to work with each group. 
Day Care
 So far things are going smoothly. We are trying to have fun, but we want them to learn too. The Day Care contacted Ron last week and asked if we can start teaching the 4 year old class too. Parents here really push their children to learn and study languages, music, dance, etc. Many of the kids we work with already speak two languages - Russian and Estonian. A couple of the kids already know a little English too. 

English time
Ultimately, our desire in all of this is to make more contacts.  We have met lots of teachers, the Day Care director, and of course, all the children.  We pray that the Lord will use us to show Christ's love and make a difference!

our group of very entergetic 5-6 year olds

The next big thing here.....Women's Day on March 8th.  Plans are being made for some outreach on this special day.  Would you pray with us that God will bless?

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Hot Meal

Just a quick reminder that the dead line to be a part of our school project is February 9th.  You can read about our project and how you can participate here.  The kids and I are very happy with the response.  So far our plane has 39 stops.  If you are not one of them, you still have time to participate!

Last week I tried a new recipe - Sweet and Spicy Chicken.  That always makes me a little nervous because when my family comes to the table hungry, I don't want dinner to be a disappointment.  The recipe had rave reviews and so I thought I would give it  a try.  As I mixed the ingredients, the recipe called for paprika and I suddenly remembered that I was out.  I decided to check again just to make sure.  What do you know, in the top of my spice cupboard  I found some.  Yippee!  With the preparations complete I began to cook and  the kitchen filled with a delicious aroma.  Actually, the smell floated throughout our apartment, because the kids began to come in saying, "It smells good in here.  What's for dinner?".
It didn't take long for dinner to be ready and I was calling the kids to eat (Ron was teaching English).  I was very anxious to try dinner and my mouth has been watering as I prepared it.  As I was serving the kids their food, Sarah took a little piece of her chicken to try it.  She said it was very good, but very spicy.  I think it was right about that time that I realized what had happened....
Remember when I said I needed paprika and found some in the cupboard?  Well, what I found was an unmarked jar with what I thought was paprika.  When Sarah told me that it was very spicy, I remembered what was really in my unmarked spice jar.....cayenne pepper!!!  OOPS!

When Ron came home, I told him what had happened as I prepared his dinner (made with cayenne pepper).  He said he felt like Almanzo on Little House On The Prairie when Laura uses cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon while cooking dinner.  The difference is that Laura did it on purpose....I didn't!

Anyway, although dinner was a "little" spicier than it was supposed to be, I didn't have any left overs.  Caleb was the only one that thought it was just too spicy to eat.  It really was delicious!  I'll be making it again, but next time I will use paprika.  

Do you have any "left out ingredient" or "wrong ingredient" kitchen stories?


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