Friday, February 8, 2013

A Hot Meal

Just a quick reminder that the dead line to be a part of our school project is February 9th.  You can read about our project and how you can participate here.  The kids and I are very happy with the response.  So far our plane has 39 stops.  If you are not one of them, you still have time to participate!

Last week I tried a new recipe - Sweet and Spicy Chicken.  That always makes me a little nervous because when my family comes to the table hungry, I don't want dinner to be a disappointment.  The recipe had rave reviews and so I thought I would give it  a try.  As I mixed the ingredients, the recipe called for paprika and I suddenly remembered that I was out.  I decided to check again just to make sure.  What do you know, in the top of my spice cupboard  I found some.  Yippee!  With the preparations complete I began to cook and  the kitchen filled with a delicious aroma.  Actually, the smell floated throughout our apartment, because the kids began to come in saying, "It smells good in here.  What's for dinner?".
It didn't take long for dinner to be ready and I was calling the kids to eat (Ron was teaching English).  I was very anxious to try dinner and my mouth has been watering as I prepared it.  As I was serving the kids their food, Sarah took a little piece of her chicken to try it.  She said it was very good, but very spicy.  I think it was right about that time that I realized what had happened....
Remember when I said I needed paprika and found some in the cupboard?  Well, what I found was an unmarked jar with what I thought was paprika.  When Sarah told me that it was very spicy, I remembered what was really in my unmarked spice jar.....cayenne pepper!!!  OOPS!

When Ron came home, I told him what had happened as I prepared his dinner (made with cayenne pepper).  He said he felt like Almanzo on Little House On The Prairie when Laura uses cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon while cooking dinner.  The difference is that Laura did it on purpose....I didn't!

Anyway, although dinner was a "little" spicier than it was supposed to be, I didn't have any left overs.  Caleb was the only one that thought it was just too spicy to eat.  It really was delicious!  I'll be making it again, but next time I will use paprika.  

Do you have any "left out ingredient" or "wrong ingredient" kitchen stories?


  1. I once made a pumpkin pie without sugar. I was told it tasted like soap. I once put cinnamon instead of cumin in a stew. It was a little weird, but not too bad, since I realized my error early on and didn't put too much in. I've done cayenne instead of chili powder. :/ And garlic salt instead of garlic powder, which makes it too salty if you add the regular amount of salt. I should stop now.:)

  2. Rachel: You've come a long way since your "secret recipe" for mac-n-cheese. And just be thankful that Ron doesn't LOOK like Almonzo too!

    Sarah: Goodness gracious! I'm surprised your family has survived this long:)

    One quick story:
    Years ago we were driving to a meeting and had to grab dinner on the go. We stopped for gas at an arco in Bakersfield and I went in and grabbed corndogs for the girls (they were 8, 7, and 5). We knew they loved corndogs and that was also something that was easy for them to eat while we drove. I was a little surprised and miffed when they started complaining that the corndogs were too spicy. Since it was not completely out of the ordinary for my little girls to be moody or change their minds in a completely random and illogical manner, I looked into the rearview mirror and said, "That's silly... just eat." The complaints continued, as did my orders to eat. Finally in exasperation I said, "Pass one of those things up here." I was ready to take a bite to verify it was fine, then insist that they eat. But after one bite, I knew exactly what had happened: The highly-trained chefs at am/pm had put jalepeno corndogs in the regular corn dog wrappers! Oops!


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