Friday, March 1, 2013

Frugal Friday - Haircuts

One of my jobs as a wife, homemaker, mother, and Christian is to do my best to be frugal.  Frugal means economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.  The Bible tells us to be good stewards of all that God has given us.
I am always looking for ways to be {more} frugal - I think most of us are, right?  Each Friday I will post about a way that I have learned to be frugal. 
This is not one of my favorite jobs, but it has saved us LOTS of money over the years.  I started cutting Daniel's hair when he was just a little guy.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend $10 to get his hair cut.  So I went to Walmart and bought a haircut kit.  Then I watched a friend of mine cut Daniel's hair and then both of her boys' hair.  I never received any special training, but I sure got lots of practice :)  Thankfully little boys are not too picky about their hair. 

Although I have always cut the boys' hair, Ron still had his cut professionally.  He was nervous  scared to let me "practice" on him.  I was not offended.  Like I said earlier, cutting hair is not my favorite job in the world.  What is even worse than cutting it is cleaning up after!
Anyway, I think it was once we moved to Estonia in 2009, that he found the courage to let me have a go at his hair.  He was pretty impressed with my skills and I officially became his barber (smile). 

When we were traveling in the states this past year, I tried to make sure we did hair cuts before heading out on trips.  On one of our longer trips though, the guys all had to go in and get their hair cut.  Four haircuts = $50!!!  Wow!

Since I do hair cuts at least one a month (sometimes twice), we are saving between $600 - $1,200/year.  AMAZING! 

I also trim Sarah's hair once in a while.  A couple of times I have had hers cut professionally to fix any mistakes I make.

No, I do not cut my own hair! I know there are some ladies that do, but I can't.  I do chop at my bangs when they get too long, but that is it.  Since coming to Estonia, I have had a missionary friend cut and/or highlight my hair several times.  It is very difficult to use her though since she lives about 3 hours away.  I have been considering a couple "frugal" ideas for me lately....
1.  I've been reading up on how to naturally highlight my hair with hydrogen peroxide. 
2.  I've considered coloring (I guess you would call it that) my hair myself.  I don't  want to dye my hair a different color, but I'd like to lighten it up a bit. 
Since I've never done either of these before, I'm nervous.  Any thoughts?

Do you have any frugal hair tips?  I'd love to hear from you.

**Our plane has visited Croatia and is now on it's way to West Africa!**


  1. First of all, I hope Ron gives you a GOOD tip. Secondly, a cheap way to dye your hair . . . make friends with someone with a good-sized pool. I have heard that the chlorine in a pool can change your hair color (although, it might be to green). Anyway, it's probably worth a try . . . and it IS frugal. :D

    1. Very funny! I think I'll pass on your "advice" or "tip"....or whatever :)
      Thanks anyway.

  2. My husband was very brave when we first got married, and he bought me a clipper, made me watch the how-to video, sat down in a chair, and told me to start. I thought he was insane! His first haircut was ok, except the pointy sideburns. (He looked like Spock from Star Trek.) I don't know how he had the courage to do that. (I'm still cutting his hair, and haven't given him Spockburns for years.)

    I'm considering highlights, to cover my "hair bling". I've got a friend who went to hair school, so I'll depend on her advice. Do the ladies in Estonia dye their hair often? Here in Mexico their are tons of supplies, because hair and makeup is a big deal.

    1. Great job, Sarah! I think it takes as much courage for us to start cutting hubby's hair as it takes for him to let us :)
      Yes, the ladies in Estonia dye/color their hair. Many times it does not look natural though - I don't care for that look.
      Lots of supplies are available here. I'm just nervous to try them :-0

  3. I guess Brock was brave or cheap because I have always cut his hair and never really thought bout it. Nathan had no choice and Micah will soon get his first cut ;) I have done the same with the girls ....cut till they need to go in a clean up my mistakes ;)
    I have had my mother n law frost my hair and it always came out good but full color has not always worked out for me ;( but my saying is " it's just hair it will grow back" ;)

    1. My boys never had a choice either :) They are used to me cutting their hair.

      I like my hair frosted/highlighted, but just like I'm nervous to do it myself - I'm also nervous to go in and have it done here. The way I look at it, if I mess my hair up doing it frugally is better than paying someone to mess up my hair :)

  4. I think the first time you try something you should have the beautician do it first and watch and get advice from her. Then the next time you could try it on your own. It might be just hair, but it is one of the main points to our looks and it could be pretty awful for a long time.:o) Maybe you could spend a day in with Denise and she could show you what to do and how to do it?

    1. Good thought, Penny!
      I have watched beauticians as they do my hair and asked lots of questions. There is also lots of helpful information on the internet (blogs, website, tutorials). I would definitely study it as good as I can before trying somtething.
      No matter what I do first, if I try something myself, I'll be nervous!
      Here's an idea....
      YOU can do my hair next time you visit us ;-0 (JK)

  5. We do this too! One thing we have figured out is to do the hair cuts in the bathtub (at least for the littler ones). Then when you're done you can sweep up all of the hair, then just rinse the little strays down the tub.

    1. Four males in the family needing haircuts - a DIY money saver for sure!
      I never thought to do it in the bathtub (very good idea), although I think {most} of my boys are too big for that :) They are already taller than me and if they were standing in a tub I would need a ladder (smile).
      My favorite place to cut hair is outside on the patio. The light is good and then I sweep everything into the grass. I don't have that option here since we live in an apartment. We have a system down that works pretty well though.
      A friend of ours had an attachment for the vacuum that hooked to the clippers. Turn the vacuum on and cut away - NO MESS. It was AWESOME!
      I've looked for one for us, but haven't been able to find one.

  6. My mom always cut my dad and 5 brothers' hair. Eric saw that so he made me cut his hair when we were first married. I cried the entire hair cut...well, almost cried! It's funny to us now. :) I have dared to cut my own hair since we've come to Ukraine. I looked online for layering tutorials for ones that seemed similar to the way my hairdresser in the States cut it. After I layer it, Eric just trims the ends. I have had a hard time with hairdressers here, but I may eventually venture out of my comfort zone and find one again.

    I have lightened mine with lemons in the summer in the sun. That worked really well and is not as harsh on the hair as peroxide. I have heard that you can use a hairdryer, but haven't tried it. I have also made my own herbal hair mixture to lighten it too and everyone seemed to notice the difference. I used the recipe for the beautiful hair blonde off of this site.. . They have a recipe somewhere for the herbal mixture so I used herbs that I bought here. It makes your hair really shiny too. I need to try it again now. :) It has chamomile in it, which I think is the main lightener. If I remember, the other herbs are for health and shine. So if you have chamomile on hand, you can just make a STRONG tea and pour it on your head, letting it sit for a little while. Then wash out.

    1. I am also nervous to go to hairdressers here. That is why I am looking for ways to lighten my hair on my own. Thank you for all the ideas and tips. I may try lemons this summer. In the next day or so, I plan to try the chamomile tea. The internet has lots of information and tutorials which is a big help. Thanks again for your thoughts - they were helpful and I like the idea of trying something natural myself rather than store-bought chemicals.

  7. I always cut my men's hair since our children were babies. When our oldest had to learn to live in the states it was hard for him to go get his hair cut since there aren't any old barber shops left and he had never had a woman cut his hair. Anyhow, it really does save a ton of money in the long run especially if you have several sons. Btw, he's a cutie!

    1. Funny! You are right though, not many barbers left. Ron first had a lady cut his hair in Russia. I'm sure that was a huge adjustment for your son.

      Btw, I think my little Caleb is pretty cute too! Thanks.


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