Friday, May 3, 2013

A family first

Everyone in our family has a bike to ride!!!
Even once we all finally had a bike, we couldn't go out on a bike ride for several days.  The law here is that bicyclists must have a bell on their bike.  A helmet is also required for riders under 18 years old.  A perfect bike riding day came and went because we could not find bells anywhere in our little town and the bike store was closed.  

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride."
John F. Kennedy

 We are now proud owners of bikes, bells, and helmets!
The Lord gave us a beautiful day for a bike ride - sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s.  Oh, and winds at about 100 mph.  Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating.....a little.  Honestly, it was windy.  It sure makes riding a bike a lot more work.  We don't know exactly how far our bike ride was, but Ron thinks we probably rode 3 to 4 miles.  I sure am proud of Caleb - he's a trooper!  He had to stop and rest a couple of times, but he made it.
We have to ride through town to get to the bike path.  After dodging all the pot holes on side roads we made it to the main road which has a nice bike lane and leads us straight to the bike path on the outskirts of town.  Usually cars are very observant and respectful of bicyclists here.  However, one car decided that he needed to try to squeeze between Ron (who was slightly ahead of Caleb and I) and Caleb as we crossed the street in a cross walk.  It gave me quite a scare as I watched him come very close to hitting Caleb.  I'm so thankful for God's protection!
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