Saturday, June 15, 2013

Frugal Friday - Shopping Part 1

I enjoy shopping (some times more than others).  Do you want to know what I like better than shopping?....finding a good deal!
Thrift Stores, Second Hand, Goodwill - or whatever you would like to call them - can be great places to find some awesome deals. 
Whenever we are in the states on furlough, I try to keep an eye out for thrift stores and see what good bargains are waiting for me.  If I have time, I look through the clothes, toys, shoes, games, DVDs, books, ets.  However, when my time is short, I usually look through the games first to see what I can find.  As our kids get older we play more and more games.  Most of my kids are very competitive - just like me :). 

When we were in Montana last year, I remember finding several thrift stores that had lots of games for just a dollar or two each. 

Over the years, my thrift store shopping has scored some valuable finds at a fraction of the cost on items such as roller blades, bike helmets, clothes, coats, shoes, books, DVDs, games, and toys.

Thrift stores.....gotta lov'em!!!

What do you like to look for at thrift stores? 

What are some good bargains you have discovered?

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  1. I love thrift stores and miss them badly. :) I shop for pretty much the same things you do, and love finding good deals. I brought four years of clothes for Seth from thrift stores all over the US!

    1. Good for you, Jessi! It is so fun to dig in the kids' extra clothes as they grow and tell them all the good deals I got on their "new" clothes.

      We have some good thrift stores in Estonia, but they are two hours from us in the capital city. I don't get to go often, but when I do, I am excited to find some good deals.

  2. For me I usually just look for skirts - can never have enough : ) For Neil I look for nice tennis shoes for work. He so hard on shoes and they wear out so fast, so buying a nice pair of used is better than a new pair that's just going to get messed up : )

    1. Oh yes, I like to look at skirts. If we are out on the road and the whole family is with me it's not very temping though. The kids like to look at games with me, but not skirts :)
      My mom is a pro at finding NICE shoes at the thrift store. I've never found much in the shoe department for anyone in the family :( Sounds like it works out great for Neil :)

      Someday we'll have to go thrift-store shopping together!

  3. Looks like you found some interesting finds. How do you get the stuff from the states back to your home? Do you guys ship a container? BTW, super-love thrift shops!

    1. We have shipped stuff to Estonia. When we were in Russia we only took what could fit in the suitcases. We don't plan to ship anything extra anymore.

      Did you find some great thrift store finds during your time in the states?


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