Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to School

The week before school started we had a Back to School party.  Since we had been in school all summer and only took a one week summer break, a party was just what the kids needed to get excited about another year.

The Smith family drove out to Johvi and joined us as we celebrated the start of a new school year.

  There were lots of special treats for each student:
Have a great year, smartie pants!
(attached to a package of smarties, of course)
You are one sharp student.
(on a pencil)
Thanks for poppin' in for a new year
(microwave popcorn)
You are o*FISH*ally in the ____ grade.
(on a bag of gold fish)
Go nuts about school this year.
(chocolate covered peanuts)
Looking forward to a SWEET year!
(a cup filled with candy, topped with marshmallows and a red sucker - a pencil for the straw)
Of course, we had lots of fun with some "minute-to-win-it" games.
Noodling Around
Face the Cookie
Stack Attack
Movin' On Up
Sharp Shooter 
Pencil Pull
Balloon Bounce

A fun day that was enjoyed by all!!!

Even though it had only been one week since we had finished our 2012/13 school year, school started up again on September 2nd.  Beginnings are fun and fresh!  The new school year is underway.  

The kids are doing great and I'm hanging in there :)

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  1. What cute ideas and I LOVE your pictures, especially Sarah's. She looks so beautiful and grown now!

    1. Thanks, Jessica!
      They were all pretty patient as I attempted to capture their personality in a perfect picture.
      Sarah is growing up....she is not a little girl anymore. In fact, she's quickly approaching the teen years. Right now she is in the "pre-teen" or "tween" stage. I'm enjoying this stage, but I miss my little girl too.

  2. What handsome teen boys! Sarah is such a beautiful young lady! And Caleb is sure growing up too - he's changed from being the little baby boy to being a cute kid : )
    Seems like recently God has blessed you with several outings and visiting opportunities with other missionaries : ) Glad you've been blessed with that fellowship - I know it's not often enough and will continue to pray for you all. God will give you strength, keep you encouraged, and will be the Lord to you that you need. Just keep claiming His promises!!!

    1. I think the boys are all strikingly handsome and Sarah is very lovely, but I might be a little opinionated on the subject.

      Yes, we have enjoyed a birthday party, apple picking, and a school party recently. Those fellowship times are a blessing.

      Love you lots too!

  3. What neat ideas! The school pictures are great as are the wonderful ideas.

    1. Thanks, Sally.
      As always, I'm honored that you stop by and "visit".
      Come again!

  4. I followed your link from the BMW group on FB. We are missionaries in South Africa. I have a Caleb one year younger than yours. :) We went on furlough this year and will only have a 1-2 week break before starting our next school year (which we start usually in January). Thanks for the sweet ideas!

    1. I am honored that you stopped by for a visit. Hope you enjoyed your time here and that you will come again.

      *I hopped over to your blog too. It's nice getting to know another fellow missionary :)

  5. What a great looking group of students! And, I love all of your Back to School ideas... I know that must have made your kids feel SO special and loved!!! You're a great mama AND teacher!

    1. Thanks, Jolene! The internet, especially Pinterest, is very helpful when I'm looking for ideas. Of course, I usually have to adapt them to what I can get here. But just getting fun ideas is helpful.
      The kids really did enjoy the day. It was just what they needed to be excited to start another school year.


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