Wednesday, September 4, 2013

July Birthday

At the beginning of July, my hubby turned.....
wait for it.....
When I was younger I remember 40 sounding SO OLD.  Now that my hubby is there (and I'm real close), it doesn't sound old at all.  

To help make this milestone birthday extra special and memorable, I asked friends and family to send birthday cards.  My goal was to present him with 40 cards on his 40th birthday.  Many of you participated and cards began to arrive.  Just a few days before his birthday, I had over 30 cards for him.  Then an envelop with lots of cards from children at a supporting church arrived which put us well over the 40 mark.  We even had a few more trickle in after his birthday.  

Our whole family enjoyed watching him open all his birthday cards.  Many cards were from people in the states, but he also received cards from Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Singapore, Belarus, and of course, Estonia.

Once again, I appreciate those of you who helped make his 40th birthday a great one.

July 2012
Last year we were in the states for Ron's birthday.  My brother's birthday is 2 days before Ron's and my brother-in-law's is the same day.  Since my brother was in the states finishing up his furlough, my parents offered to watch all the kids (a total of 16) so that all the birthday boys and their wives could go out for dinner.  This was a special treat since our family, my brother's family, and my brother-in-law's family all live in different countries.  Sharing a birthday dinner is a rare opportunity that we count as a blessing and we carry the memories with us forever.
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  1. Oh cool!!! I totally forgot about the BIG b-day : ) Thanks for sharing and I'm glad he got his 40 cards. I bet that was fun opening all of them. : ) Did he get lots of money? haha. Do you have to change over all your money or do they take american dollar? I always love your little updates and trips down memory lane : ) OK...tootles!

  2. You are so funny, DeAna! Actually, one card had money as a keep sake from that country. Another card did have some birthday money :) Anyway, you can not use dollars here. Our money gets wired to the bank and we either use a {debit} card or get euro from the bank.

    Thanks for stopping by....I enjoyed having you :)


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