Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sarah's special days

As Sarah's birthday drew near, I wrote to some friends that live almost 2 1/2 hours away and asked if they would bring their daughter and help us make Sarah's birthday a special celebration.

They agreed to come and we began planning the day.  Not only was Sarah's birthday in August, but her friend, Jaz, also had a birthday in August.
The girls had so much fun together!  Sarah was thrilled to have a girl to celebrate her birthday with, rather than just her three brothers.  After eating pizza we played some games. Then the girls went to Sarah's room and watched an American Girl movie.  Later the kids all played tag outside and enjoyed a few Mario Cart races.  Of course, no party is complete without cake and ice cream.
The day was packed full of fun, smiles, laughter, and memories.

Sarah's 10th birthday - 2012 Visalia, California

During our furlough last year, all of our kids celebrated a birthday.  Around our busy schedule, we fit in a special day for Sarah with cousins and friends.  (a girl party worked out perfectly since the guys were at a men and boys camp out)
Sarah loves American Girl dolls and her Bitty baby.  Shortly after our return to the states, someone gave Sarah a LOT of American girl dolls, clothes, and accessories.  So we added the dolls to her birthday decor.  The entire day was just like Sarah - girlie!
The afternoon started with Sarah and two friends going to The Clay Cafe.  Each of the girls picked an adorable cup to paint.  They picked the colors they wanted and then went to work creating their master piece.  Some of the time they were quiet - busily painting.  Other times they were talking and of course, giggling.
Then we went back to our house and each of the girls decorated a small cake.  After that, they had some time to play dolls and Littlest Pet Shop.
That evening a few more friends and their moms came over to eat cake and ice cream with us.  
God blessed us tremendously when he gave us our princess, Sarah!

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  1. Looks like fun! - for a girl, that is. :) Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  2. I've enjoyed ALL the birthday posts!!! You can tell that you truly delight in your children, Rachel. What a wonderful mom you are!!! Sarah reminds me so much of Anna who also loves her American Girl dolls!

  3. Guess I've been home a while, I missed Sarah's birthday. Sretan Rođendan Sarah!


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