Saturday, January 25, 2014

The little things

We had unusually warm months in November and December.  Normally my kids wear boots all through the winter months, but this year the kids were wearing their summer shoes when they went outside to play.
Caleb's shoes were too small and worn out.  Since the winter months were upon us we were hoping for cold weather (also known as boot weather) to avoid buying new summer shoes during the winter.  As all parents know, he would have outgrown his summer shoes by the time the winter was over.

Over the holidays I was doing some cleaning and organizing at the house.  One of my projects was to go through all the clothes that I have been saving from my older boys and also other clothes that have been given to Caleb by other missionaries.  At the bottom of one of the big WalMart tubs of clothes I pulled out a pair of tennis shoes that were almost brand new.  I remembered that several years ago a military family was moving back to the states and left the shoes for Caleb (along with some clothes).  I quickly called Caleb and had him try them on.  Guess what......they fit him perfectly.  What a blessing!!!  God knew back then that they would meet a need in Caleb's life now. 

 With two boys that seem to grow every day it can be hard to keep them in clothes.  Daniel has been needing some longer pants for awhile.  L.O.N.G. legs and a skinny waist makes for difficult shopping.  After spending a day in Tallinn and not finding anything I was getting discouraged. We looked on line and found Dockers in his size for about $40 (plus shipping).  Knowing how desperate the need was, we decided to take another trip to Tallinn and go to three thrift stores.  Then we began praying that God would make our trip productive.
When we arrived at the first thrift store I began looking through the pants - pair by pair - looking at the size on every label.  You'll never guess what I found....

a pair of Dockers in the exact size we were needing with the tags still on them
(for about $10)

WOW!!!  What an awesome God to meet our needs.  His Word promises that He will, so why am I surprised?  Well, I don't know that I was really "surprised", but I do feel blessed.

May we never forget God's goodness in our lives.

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  1. Ha! I saw the title "Little Things" and a picture of Daniel. That didn't seem to add up, so I had to read it real quickly. Glad to hear about answered prayers!

    1. Your right, Daniel is not so little any more :(
      The specific answers to prayers for pants and shoes seem like "little things", but to use they were big things.

  2. Don't you just love those "Handfuls of Blessings"!?!?

    1. God is good to meet our daily NEEDS like clothes and shoes. So many times we depend on our personal finances and stores to meet those needs.
      God is faithful!

  3. So true. And that seems to happen over and over again in our lives, doesn't it? God is so good to us.

    1. God is so good to care for our daily needs!


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