Friday, February 14, 2014


I couldn't resist grabbing my camera this morning.  Caleb looked so adorable as he read the Bible during our family devotions.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Christmas at our house

I know, I know, Christmas is over and Valentine's Day is on people's minds.  Oh well, even though I am late, these memories are special to me and I want them documented in my journal.

Christmas was a simple but special day in our house.  Like always, our day started with some fun treats in the stockings followed by a big breakfast.  Then we took some time to read the Christmas story from God's Word and spend a few minutes in prayer thanking the Lord for His Son, Jesus - the reason for the season.

This year I handed out the presents (usually the kids do it).  We each open our gifts one at a time as we all anticipate what is being opened.  This year was even more exciting since none of the kids had seen any presents we had purchased - even if it wasn't for them.  Then Ron surprised me with a couple gifts that he had not put under the tree.  That little stinker!  (I'll show you what I got when you join me for some tea - or coffee if you prefer - and tour my apartment with me.....very soon).

Ron enjoyed getting some gifts from the kids....
gloves, an ice scraper, air fresheners for his car, and a dart gun

Stratego was from grandpa and grandma and made a HUGE hit with everyone.  It is definitely a favorite that gets played almost daily at our house.  Since the kids received several other games for Christmas, we spend our afternoon playing games together.

We always make sure to get some pictures of the kids in front of the tree.  Each year we make a sign with the year, city, and country.  I remember doing this each year with my siblings while growing up.  We kept that tradition going with our family.
I made sure to get a picture of the kids standing by the tree this year so that we could compare pictures next year and see how much they have grown.  Not too long ago our Christmas picture showed  four little kids standing in front of a big tree.  Now, we see three big kids and one little guy with a tiny bit of a tree sticking out behind their heads. :(   
 I always try to get a nice "professional" type of shot.  You know, the kind with smiles, eyes open, nice pose, etc.  Well, I think I got at least pretty close to that here.  I sure love this picture! ♥

 Then I also got a more "normal/natural" shot of them too.
Last but not least, thanks to a tripod, I was able to get a family photo.

So, although it's very late...... MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Scripture

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