Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday celebration

Earlier this month I celebrated my birthday.  As a young person, I remember thinking that 40 was so old.  I mean, really, what fun would life be at 40?  But now that I am so close, I have a very different opinion.  Life is exciting!  I still feel so young that it is hard to believe that next year is the "big one".   
After spending the morning in school, I was taken to a little cafe for lunch.  That is just one of the many things I love about my hubby....he is so thoughtful.  He didn't want me to have to cook on my birthday.  Not having to clean up was another bonus :)

 The kids did a great job of decorating the house with signs, balloons, and streamers.  All the gifts that were secretly wrapped in the bedrooms were waiting on the coffee table to be opened.  It didn't matter to me what was inside (even though I did like everything I received), the thought and love with which they were given far outweighed the gift.

Instead of a birthday cake, I made my very first cheese cake.  My mouth watered as I sliced each piece.  Then I scooped a spoon full of strawberries on the top.  Some even wanted chocolate syrup drizzled over it (not me though).  I'll sum up how it tasted in one word....

I'm already looking forward to my next birthday......mostly for a good excuse to make that cheese cake again *smile*.

I love my family so much!  They did an awesome job of making my day special.

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  1. Sounds like you were spoiled! That's what birthdays are for!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day!!! The cheesecake looks awesome! I don't care much for cheesecake, but my family loves it! Forty is getting close for me too... You're right, your opinion does change as you grow older!

  3. Yea, for 39! It's a good year, your still able to say you're in your 30s but you already have some of the wisdom that comes with 40. Being "post 40" I can give you hope, it's not that bad! Little hard to deal with if you think your only 10 years from 50 but still not too bad! Looks like you're loved very much. Happy birthday Rachel!

  4. Happy Birthday, my friend! Looks like you had a really fun day. Family is so special.


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