Tuesday, April 8, 2014



The evening of March 7th Ron and I went out to run an errand.  We returned with a brown box that I carried inside of a large plastic grocery bag.  The bag was sat in the middle of the living room and we told the kids we picked up a surprise for them while we were out.  They gathered around the box to open it together.  As the flaps of the box were pulled back, a puppy's eyes were looking up at them.

The kids were shocked, but thrilled.  Let's just say, Champ does not lack attention and love.  He is a very playful little guy - he loves to chase the kids, chew on his toys, and snuggle in someone's lap.

I am proud of my kids for being so responsible to take care of their dog.  They are doing a great job.  Champ seems to be happy and I think he has fit into our family quite well.

Training a dog is new to me.  Any tips for....
*house training
*teaching "stay", "sit", "come"
*any other helpful information
He is doing well on a couple of these.  Other things I haven't even tried yet.  Any advice, tips, or links would be appreciated.

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  1. No tips, but he is ADORABLE! What a sweet surprise for the kids. Enjoy, in good times and bad. ;0)

  2. Too cute! Can't wait to see him.:)

    1. He is a fun puppy. Looking forward to seeing you again AND showing you Champ.


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